Digital Microscope Cameras

When it comes to digital microscope cameras, the newest products are generally the most full-featured and capable since technology evolves more and more every day. OPTIKA, ACCU-SCOPE, Meiji Techno, and Labomed have the best and newest microscope cameras, allowing you to see your specimen samples more clearly and accurately and can produce detailed, crisp images suitable for all your research and publication purposes.

  • The OPTIKA C-H4K 8.0 Megapixel 4K/WiFi/HDMI CMOS Camera provides professional, ultra-high definition images, but the camera is still easy to use. No software installation is required; instead, you can capture images and videos on an SD card or output the images directly to any display using the built-in HDMI connection. The camera can be connected to a PC to enable the latest updates. The compact and elegantly designed outer shell does a great job of concealing the very latest in camera technology.
  • The ACCU-SCOPE SKYE WIFI 5MP CMOS Color Microscopy Camera gives researchers and educators more convenience and flexibility than ever across a broad range of microscopy imaging applications, including documentation, analysis, education, and collaboration. Creating its own WiFi network, together with a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, the SKYE WiFi camera streams live images at 30 frames per second. The user controls the camera with a WiFi-connected device, and images can be simultaneously viewed on up to 13 WiFi-connected devices.
  • The Meiji DSS Basic Complete Digital Camera and Measurement Software is an easy and convenient alternative to automatic slide scanners; instead, the camera creates wide-scale scans using a manual microscope. This automatically processes images in real-time--no motorized microscope needed. The images are automatically organized during the stitching process to create a panoramic view known as a virtual slide. Integrated additional functions make the DSS Basic an effective and easy solution for exchanging data.
  • The Labomed Vega 6 Megapixels HD CMOS Digital Camera is a high-definition solution boasting one of the fastest frame rates in its class, superb contrast, and unparalleled accuracy in color reproduction. This digital solution offers HD video streaming and an SD card interface in one highly affordable package. Additionally, measurement, calibration, and parameter settings are controlled through HDMI with the help of a USB mouse provided with the system.

We’re dedicated to providing you with only the finest equipment for your research and educational needs, and our selection of microscope cameras is no exception. If you have any questions about which product is right for you, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to help.

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