Veterinary Microscopes

Veterinary microscopes offer crisp views of blood cells, urine, fecal, pathology and cytology, fleas, and tics. These animal microscopes are used in veterinary practices, laboratories, educational settings, and animal hospitals. Since they are easy to use, professional vet microscopes are handled by veterinarians, vet assistants, and veterinary technicians. Vets use these veterinarian microscopes to diagnose diseases and skin conditions in animals and examine animal fluids like blood, fecal matter, and urine.

Veterinary microscopes are generally equipped with four objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x & 100x oil immersion. If you require oilless usage, 100x dry objectives are available for animal microscopes in lieu of the 100x oil immersion type.

There are those situations when veterinarians require a digital microscope camera to capture, record, email, and save images. Please view our compound microscope with digital camera for a wide variety of configurations with a digital camera and an LCD screen.

We offer one of the largest selections of microscopes for veterinary use from the following leading manufacturers; ACCU-SCOPE, Leica, LW Scientific, LABOMED, Meiji Techno, and OPTIKA. Our vet microscopes are available in monocular, binocular, or trinocular configurations, even with teaching attachments for multi-head viewing and with digital cameras or an LCD screen.

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