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There are many different types of compound microscopes available, from simple student microscopes to biological microscopes to more complex fluorescence microscopes. The same goes for stereo microscopes, gemological microscopes, and industrial microscopes. Regardless of the use, however, certain parts, including the lenses, illuminators, and stage are important to the function of different types of compound light microscopes and stereo microscopes. Therefore, replacement microscope parts may occasionally be required in order to maintain working condition of these instruments.  By virtue of our extensive catalog and worldwide resources, we can provide most parts needed for compound light and stereo microscopes, for both in current production and discontinued models.

Parts Common to Compound Light & Stereo Microscopes:

  • Lenses: Compound microscopes use two lenses to magnify objects - an eyepiece, or ocular lens that has low magnification (usually 10X or 15X), and objective lenses. Compound microscopes have 3 or 4 objective lenses that, in general, have low, medium, and high magnifications. Certain types of compound light microscopes vary the number of lenses used to specially adapt image qualities. For example, stereo microscopes use 2 eyepiece lenses and two separate optical paths with 2 objective lenses to produce a 3-D image. Stereo microscope parts and objective lenses are available at Microscope International.
  • Illuminator: The illuminator, or light source for compound microscopes, is largely obtained from electrical sources by transmitted illumination (from the bottom going up through the slide specimen), although some models use mirrors and take advantage of room lighting to send images through the eyepiece. More complex compound light microscopes, such as fluorescence and confocal microscopy, feature additional light sources to enhance imaging, and prisms to deflect, or bend light. Stereo Microscopes are most commonly equipped with reflected light halogen, LED or Fiber Optic Illumination and are available with reflected light as well.
  • Stage: A microscope’s stage is a platform connected to its base, on which samples are placed for examination. Specimens are secured to the stage by stage clips or holders, and a hole in the platform allows light to pass through the sample, and into the objective and ocular lenses. Additional parts of the microscope that are important for function are focusing knobs that adjust image clarity, and electrical components needed for the more complex microscopes (e.g. fluorescence).

Visit our informational pages to learn more about the parts of a compound microscope or parts of a stereo microscope.

At some point, these various components will need to be replaced or fixed during the life of the microscope. Therefore, identifying a trusted, reliable supplier of light microscope parts can significantly reduce the downtime associated with repairing compound microscopes. Here at Microscope International, we have a comprehensive supply of stereo and compound light microscope parts for new, used, or discontinued microscopes. We can provide many of the microscope parts mentioned above, including bulbs for light sources, focus knobs, and racks, clips and holders for the stage.

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Microscope Parts

We welcome all parts inquiries for any antique microscope, vintage microscopes, discontinued or new microscopes. With our vast inventory and resources worldwide, we have the ability to obtain most microscope parts. This includes but is not limited to eyepieces, objectives, stages, slide holders, rack and pinions, focus knobs, stage clips, mirrors, binocular or trinocular heads, mechanical, internal gears, prisms and electrical components.

Do you need Olympus microscope parts? Our vast inventory includes microscope parts from the major manufacturers.

Microscope Manufacturers: Leica, Leitz, Zeiss, Wild, Reichert Wein, Olympus, Nikon, Meiji, Swift, Ken-A-Vision, ACCU-SCOPE, UNITRON, Labomed, Steindorff, Unico, National, Motic, Parco, VeeGee, Premiere, Boreal, Wolfe, Seiler, Bauch & Lomb and American Optical are most common. If not listed, please advise which manufacturer you are seeking or check out our full list of microscope brands.

Please supply all or any of the following information: manufacturer, model number, description, age, markings, serial number and or picture to assist with identification of parts, if possible.

Microscope & Medical Equipment Bulbs

We carry and sell microscope bulbs for many types of microscopes and most medical equipment. Even if the part or bulb is long discontinued, we can customize or retrofit another part or suggest another solution.

Please advise part number or, if you do not have it, please advise volts/watts (e.g. 6v 20w, 110v 30w, etc.) or any markings, including dimensions of the bulb. Also include the type of contact (e.g. single bayonet, double bayonet, screw base, special flange or collar, etc.) Of course, pictures are great, too.

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