Microscope Cameras

Capture magnificent high-definition images and videos of your parts, samples, or specimens at excellent resolutions and with accurate color reproduction with a digital microscope camera. Our digital microscope cameras, cameras with LCD screens, and eyepiece cameras are versatile and cost-effective digital solutions for microscope applications, including clinical, life science, education, research, and industrial.

By connecting a digital microscope camera to a USB or WiFi, you can output images directly from your microscope to a computer or monitor. Additionally, with the digital microscope camera software, you can easily capture and save images for analysis in the laboratory or sharing in the classroom.

Our selection of microscope cameras is versatile and includes CMOS Digital Camera for everyday video capturing; CCD Digital Camera for low light and higher resolution applications; and digital eyepiece cameras, which connect to most eyepieces or ocular tubes, the most economical means of capturing digital images.

If you have a Digital SLR or point-and-shoot camera, a microscope camera adapter can allow you to connect your camera to a microscope. Contact us at any time for assistance in finding the right adapter.

Microscope Camera FAQs

Here are some typical questions related to digital microscope cameras:

What is a digital microscope camera?

Our microscope cameras are digital cameras that can be used with microscopes to view live images on your computer screen or TV monitor using an installed software program. This software allows you to capture both images and video so you can see the specimen or samples clearly and make measurements and edits to the images.

What types of microscope cameras for sale do you offer?

At New York Microscope Company, we provide many types of microscope cameras for sale, ideal for any microscope application. Available microscope cameras include video, digital, and digital eyepiece cameras. You’ll find exceptional quality microscope cameras from brands like OPTIKA, LW Scientific, LABOMED, ACCU-SCOPE, Motic, VanGuard, Meiji Techno, and more.

What is the resolution of the digital microscope camera?

Our selection of microscope cameras has a wide range of resolutions. You can find digital microscope cameras with as little as one megapixel for lower-quality images. If you want crisp, high-definition photos produced of your samples and specimens, then select a digital microscope camera with higher resolution, anywhere up to 32 megapixels.

What is the microscope camera USB? 

Our USB microscope cameras are used for high-resolution image capturing when documentation is necessary. These types of digital microscope cameras can be used in educational applications and for those using microscopes as a hobby.

What are the average microscope camera prices? 

At New York Microscope Company, you can find microscope cameras priced anywhere from just over $100 to almost $17,000. Choosing the perfect digital microscope camera for your application depends on what you need the camera to produce. Our higher-priced microscope cameras are able to show high-resolution images.

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