Dental Microscopes

Whether a dental laboratory technician is molding or sculpting dentures or using to repair dentures, crowns, and bridges these dental microscopes will prove to be a great cost savings and improve efficiency.

Included are a variety of boom stands, an Acrobat Microscope Stand, and flexible arm stands that mount or clamp to the table. All of these configurations are available with a variety of illuminations (LED, halogen or fluorescence), eyepieces and stereo magnifications that can be customized in accordance with your needs and budget.

Also, among our dental microscopes are a variety of phase contrast configurations suitable for dentists to visualize plaque, saliva cells and organisms on an LCD monitor or computer screen. In the packages are a high resolution digital camera and software are included, offering image capturing, emailing, photo editing, labeling and measuring. This is a great teaching tool as well as an informative means to covey to the patient the nature of their diagnosis.

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