Ash Technologies

If you're looking for state-of-the-art technology, look no further than Ash Technologies microscopes. A company that values precision, simplicity, and perseverance, Ash Technologies designs digital microscopes, digital imaging systems, and various microscope accessories like lenses, lens filters, carrying cases, and microscope stands that feature award-winning technology in order to advance the field of inspection. No matter which microscopes or Ash Technologies accessories you choose, we guarantee that you'll be impressed with the qualities and advanced features of your product.

Founded in 1994, Ash Technologies was created in order to design and manufacture electronic magnifiers for the visually impaired. In 2013, the company decided to apply its innovation and design skills to manufacture digital inspection microscopes in the United Kingdom for industrial use. Now, the brand has gained such global popularity that it's become a popular choice for US industrial markets as well.

Though Ash Technologies is based in Ireland, their distribution network spans over 35 countries, including the UK, Germany, USA, China, and more. The company built its reputation for agile innovation by designing and producing digital inspection systems that enable target market businesses to thrive in a complex environment where inspection, accuracy, tracking, and traceability are intrinsic to their development and growth. Ash Technologies has been recognized for their innovative designs both nationally and internationally, receiving awards in a broad range of industries and OEM/ODM partnerships. Some of our most popular Ash Technologies microscopes include the Inspex 3 Smart Inspection digital microscope and the OMNI 3 digital microscope system. Our website's most popular Ash Technologies accessories include the Ergo Track Stand for Inspex HD 1080p Vesa, the External Keypad Controller for Inspex HD, and the +25x Lens for Inspex II & OMNI core.

The Inspex 3 Smart Inspection digital microscope is everything you need in a robust, dependable inspection instrument: it's easy to use, featuring measurement tools, real-time video, preset configurations, and so much more! Meanwhile, the Omni 3 digital microscope delivers live, lag-free video for a broad range of quality control, testing, rework, assembly, inspection, and documentation tasks. The user interface is custom-designed to deliver intuitive and efficient operation directly on the monitor, without the need for a PC. If you're not sure which of these Ash technologies microscopes are for you, give us a call, and we'll be happy to help.