UNITRON Microscopes

UNITRON Stereo Microscope

UNITRON Stereo Microscopes

Ruggedly built to withstand years of heavy usage. Available in binocular and trinocular configurations.

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UNITRON Metallurgical Microscope

UNITRON Metallurgical & Material Science Microscopes

Industrial metallurgical microscopes designed for brightfield, material science applications, metal manufacuturing, metallurgy, fabrics/textiles, wafers, optoelectronics, composites and microelectronics.

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UNITRON Forensic Comparison Microscope

UNITRON Forensic Comparison Microscopes

Unparalleled value and performance for the inspection of ballistics, firearms and toolmark examinations. Designed with the assistance of police organizations, forensic scientists and educators in the field of forensic science.

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UNITRON Digital Inspection Microscope

UNITRON Digital Inspection Microscopes

The ZoomHD delivers crisp, sharp images for lightning-fast live viewing or captured photos. Connects to any monitor, no need for a PC.

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Microscope Accessories

We offer UNITRON microscopes for sale. For over 60 years, UNITRON has been successfully manufacturing high-quality stereo microscopes, specialty microscopes, and LED illuminators. With hands-on research and development, they are constantly innovating and improving their product line. UNITRON is used worldwide by many fortune 500 companies.

UNITRON Microscope Applications

UNITRON specializes in high-quality, precision instruments for the industrial, scientific, and material sciences. We have UNITRON stereo microscopes for sale as well as polarizing, metallurgical, and forensic comparison microscopes, offering high-quality modern multi-functional instrumentation manufactured and assembled to the strictest quality standards to withstand the rigors of daily use.

The UNITRON metallurgical microscopes line includes Micromet Inverted, MEC4 Inverted, Versamet 4 Inverted w/ BF/DF objectives, and Examet-5 microscopes with reflected and transmitted illumination. UNITRON metallurgical microscopes are big players in the industry and are easily outfitted with state-of-the-art digital microscope cameras.

UNITRON Microscopes for Sale

Renowned for their stereo lines of microscopes, including the dependable UNITRON Z850 series, Z30, and modular Z10 (Z6 and Z8) zoom series, UNITRON also offers the FS30 with dual magnifications that are lower priced. These UNITRON stereo microscopes are often compared to the stereo lines of other well-known microscope brands, like Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss, and Leica. Each model offers custom configurations with a wide assortment of stands, eyepieces, supplemental lenses, digital cameras, and other related UNITRON microscope parts and accessories to best meet your needs and budget.

Recently, UNITRON added innovative high-tech digital products such as the Ion 4.3 Hand Held Inspection Magnifier, Omni Core, Inspex II, and Inspex HD 1080 Digital Imagining Inspection Systems from Ash Technologies.

UNITRON microscopes are covered by a full five-year limited warranty for parts and labor. Electronic components, cameras, mercury/LED power supplies, LED bulbs, and LED ring lights are covered by UNITRON’s one-year limited warranty. This warranty does not cover abuse, misuse, or neglect of UNITRON microscope parts and accessories.

New York Microscope Company is the only microscope company to offer a Free Service Protection Guarantee with the purchase of every UNITRON microscope. Visit our Free Service Protection page for more details.