Gemological Microscopes

Gemological microscopes are suitable for jewelry repair, jewelry setting, soldering, gemstone setting, watch repairs, and even for coin and stamp hobbyists. These jewelry microscopes are equipped with either fluorescence or LED illumination, fixed or tilting stands, heavy-duty and flexible Acrobat arm stands with dual or zoom magnification, and gemstone holders.

Our gem microscopes allow jewelers, diamond stone setters (any gemstone), and gemologists to observe the cut, clarity, color, and quality of the gemstones. The jewelry microscopes have a special clamp for the precious stone, which secures the jewel in place for observation. Darkfield condensers illuminate the jewels from the top and bottom of the gemological microscope. These lights illuminate the interior of the gemstones and allow users to spot imperfections and inclusions within the jewels. Often used to give an appraisal of a gemstone, our high-quality microscopes for diamonds and other precious gemstones are excellent for jewelers.

Browse a huge selection of gemological microscopes for sale from leading manufacturers like ACCU-SCOPE, Euromex, LW Scientific, Meiji Techno, Leica, OPTIKA, and UNITRON with variable zoom, ergonomic designs, custom magnifications, and other features that will help you get a clear image from your gemological applications and jewelry making. All of our current jewelry microscopes that we offer are stereo microscopes and are available in many types of configurations.

Our Digital Gemological Packages are customized to ensure the highest quality performance from the diamond cutter, diamond grader to inhouse store presentations. Each package offers flexibility whereas the camera and microscopes are separate components, unlike some of the Leica and other brands where the cameras are built into the heads. The problem with that is if either the camera breaks down then you are out of a microscope. With our Gemological packages if the camera goes bad, you can still use the microscope without any interruption.

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