Biological Microscopes

No biology classroom or science lab is complete without biological microscopes. These lab microscopes are used by general biology students in all levels of education, and they are used in university and college laboratories. They’re also used in professional settings by doctors, pathologists, veterinarians, professional laboratory technicians, clinicians, researchers, dermatologists, scientists, and hobbyists.

A subcategory of compound microscopes, biological microscopes are commonly used to view samples of blood, plant cells, human and animal cells, tissue, fossils, and even mushroom spores. These laboratory microscopes, also known as brightfield upright compound microscopes, employ a single eyepiece and multiple objectives on a rotating ring, allowing easy switching from one objective to another to increase magnification power.

Our biological microscopes for sale come with a variety of options for viewing heads, objectives types, and illuminations. Viewing heads available include monocular, binocular, ergonomic binocular, trinocular, and ergonomic trinocular. Some of the types of objectives we have available include plan, infinity plan, semi-plan, achromat, and more. For illumination, you can choose between LED and halogen bulbs.

At New York Microscope Company, we offer biology microscopes for sale from brands like ACCU-SCOPE, LABOMED, Meiji Techno, and OPTIKA. These laboratory microscopes include features like:

  • Crisp, high-quality images with outstanding resolution, precision design, and enhanced LED illumination.
  • Improved optics, ergonomic designs, and competitive pricing.
  • High-performance features and stable rectangular bases for security.
  • Slim and easy to carry, yet sturdy and resistant.
  • Long-lasting LED illumination to provide over 20 years of use.

If you need help, our microscope experts are here to help you find the best product as well as answer all your questions about lab microscopes. Keep in mind as you shop for biological microscopes for sale that every microscope you purchase comes with free yearly microscope service and inspection. If you’re interested in going digital, you can also add a digital camera to most biology lab microscopes to capture photos and videos of your specimens or samples. For more information on any of our microscopes for biology students or a series of products, scroll to the bottom of the laboratory microscope product’s page, and look for the link to the product’s brochure.

Rest assured that as you consider the purchase of a biology microscope, New York Microscope Company will satisfy all your needs before, during, and after the sale.

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