Cytology and Pathology Microscopes

Cytology and pathology microscopes are used for viewing tissue cells from organs to study changes that occur when they are affected by diseases as well as types of cancer, like cervical cancer. The pathology and cytology microscopes also diagnose inflammatory conditions, infectious diseases, and thyroid conditions.

Cytology and pathology microscopes offer ergo tilting heads providing the user with the most comfortable viewing angles. Our cytology microscopes are used to examine cells from tissues and fluids to determine an accurate diagnosis of a disease. The cytology tests are often quick and even painless. Cytology microscopes offer 4x, 10x, and 40x infinity plan objectives yielding crisp and high-contrast images through the periphery of the field of view (FOV).

While cytology microscopes are used to view individual cells or a cluster of cells, pathology microscopes are used in laboratories to examine the cells. The pathologist microscope helps them view the cells and tissue samples to see all of the characteristics of the cell and understand if there is an abnormality that would lead to a medical diagnosis. Pathology microscopes generally add 1x or 2x objectives allowing a larger FOV resulting in saving precious time while scanning. Some manufacturers offer higher grade objectives such as fluorite. Many manufacturers offer 110v-240v universal voltage. Other features include LED illumination to minimize eyestrain when using a digital pathology microscope.

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