Swift Optical

Swift Optical Instruments has secured its place as a worldwide brand associated with the most advanced manufacturing and production of excellent and vastly versatile microscopes for more than half a century. Along with its legendary customer service, Swift Instruments once again proved itself a global leader when introducing its Motic Swift line. These conventional and digital microscopes within the Motic Swift line offer even more instrument and software solutions designed to meet students, teachers, and professionals' ever-increasing and challenging needs.

We’re proud to present our affordable selection of Swift microscopes. Given a convenient filtering system to pinpoint what you are looking for, search our extensive inventory by compound, digital, stereo, refurbished, accessories, or by applications such as dissecting microscopes or forensic comparison microscopes.

Swift Optical provides several exciting, innovative cordless models, such as the SM105-C, with magnifications of 10x up to 30x, energy-efficient LED illumination with five light setting combinations, and one-touch spring-loaded spring clips, for just a small sampling of its capable features. For a truly unique concept in microscopy, Swift microscopes have created the Trinocular LED Microscope – M3-F. This revolutionary microscope features technology that allows the user to compare images in both micro and macro environments. With its dedicated macro lens, the M3-F allows users to view smaller and bulkier evidence items easily.

Of course, with such a rich background in high-quality, reliable instruments, these are only a few examples of premium products you’ll find by Swift Optical available through us. You’ll also note we have an extensive range of Swift accessories at hand to ensure we can cover any need. Ranging from the excellent Swift Moticam BTW10 10” detachable Tablet for Trinocular Microscopes, replacement LED bulb assemblies, microscope stages, and tungsten bulbs at the ready.

Whether you seek the perfect microscope for the field, the classroom, or anything else, we will have your back with the largest array of Swift Optical tools. No other company in the industry understands just how vital the correct, reliable tools for the task at hand having is. It is why we’re also the only microscope company to offer our unique Free Service Protection Guarantee with the purchase of every microscope. Have questions about our superb products? Unsure of which model is best for you? Please feel free to reach out to us. Our expert team and customer service representatives are standing by and happy to help.