Steindorff Microscopes

Steindorff Microscope History

Founded in 1879 by Emil Steindorff, the company Steindorff & Co. began producing Steindorff microscopes as well as scientific equipment in Berlin, Germany. Then, in 1951, Steindorff America was created as a distribution center selling Steindorff microscopes for sale in the US. Finally, in 1986, the company declared bankruptcy. While Steindorff microscopes are no longer manufactured, there are still vintage Steindorff Berlin microscopes on the market today.

Steindorff Microscopes for Sale

Over three hundred products reside in this meticulously curated one-of-a-kind Steindorff microscope collection. While we understand that such numbers can at first seem a bit overwhelming, we ensured our inventory of Steindorff Berlin microscopes and products was so extensive to guarantee that we could supply our loyal customers with the most high-quality, reliable, and affordable optical tools backed by our years of experience and expertise.

The refurbished Steindorff microscopes offered by New York Microscope Company are in working condition. Many of these polarizing and laboratory microscopes are available along with Steindorff Berlin microscope accessories. Offering Steindorff microscopes for sale allows our customers to make sure their shop, class, laboratory, and many other industries have the chance to outfit their workspaces with the best reconditioned optical equipment at an affordable price. Steindorff microscopes, cameras, applications, and accessories have been hand-selected to meet our strict standards of exceptional quality, reliability, and precision.

Applications of Steindorff Berlin Microscopes

We are devoted to constantly exploring worldwide brands to keep our inventory the best in the industry with state-of-the-art technology and to ensure our customers will always find what they need when they need it. Our Steindorff Berlin microscope collection contains the essentials for the education of students' minds through college. These research-grade Steindorff microscopes and products also perform superbly in the industrial, medical, and research industries and are excellent for beginner hobbyists. The Steindorff microscopes are excellent for use in educational, laboratory, geology, mineralogy, and metallurgical applications.

Steindorff Microscope Features

The vintage Steindorff Berlin microscopes for sale are still in excellent condition due to their high-quality German-engineered construction. These Steindorff microscopes are great for use in brightfield and polarizing microscopy.

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