Teaching Microscopes and Multi-Head Microscopes

Teaching microscopes are designed specifically for classroom use, with features like large working distances, durable construction, and multiple eyepieces for group viewing. Multi-head microscopes are essential tools for introducing students to the world of microscopy and conducting hands-on experiments with multiple participants.

We have teaching and multi-head microscopes that allow for up to 10 people to observe the same sample simultaneously. Now you and your students can examine specimens and discuss them in detail without having students waiting for their turn at the microscope and running out of time. These teaching microscopes are built for classroom discussions, making them ideal for teaching and training students, though they can also be used in medical conferences and group research settings.

For a variety of different laboratory applications, digital cameras can be connected to teaching microscopes to capture photos and videos of your samples. Teaching microscopes with cameras can be used for presentations as well as for recording sample inspections. Configurations available for teaching microscopes include dual head, two-head, three-head, five-head, nine-head, face-to-face, and side-by-side. Multi-head microscopes can be used to teach large groups of students at a time, but they are also great for one-on-one instruction.

Whether you think a ten-head or a dual-head teaching microscope would best suit your needs, we have the highest quality products available at competitive prices. Check out our suggestions below, sorted from the least amount of heads to the most:

  • UNITRON 11150-DH Z6 Dual Head Discussion Zoom Stereo Microscope, 8x to 50x Magnification: Provides users with an ergonomically designed, high magnification stereo microscope that is ideal for routine inspections, failure analysis, quality control, and life science applications.
  • ACCU-SCOPE EXC-400 Dual View Microscope, Front to Back: Includes top-quality optics, a ceramic stage, and comfortable operational controls that are ideal for routine observation while promoting high efficiency.
  • Labomed Lx400 Binocular LED Dual View Teaching Microscope: Includes an Infinity-corrected plane and an achromatic optical system that produces crisp images with excellent color fidelity.
  • OPTIKA B-1000Ti-10 Ten-Head Research Microscope: Features outstanding brightness and incredible color reproduction, making it a reliable solution for routine and research applications. ( OPTIKA has teaching microscopes with two-head, three-head, and five-head configurations as well.)

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