Measuring and Toolmakers Microscopes

Mitutoyo and Meiji Techno, both made in Japan, offer the greatest accuracy and high-quality standards in digital measuring microscopes. An extensive selection of objectives, illuminators, motorized x, y, and z stages with digimatic readouts, and darkfield as well as brightfield options are available to configure a toolmakers’ microscope for your exact requirements.

Measuring and toolmakers’ microscopes are optical microscopes that have a table that measures the precise movement to measure the samples. The telecentric optics of the toolmakers' microscope allow for completely accurate measurements.

Many toolmakers, manufacturers, and technicians use our measuring microscopes on factory floors, in machining factories, and at manufacturing plants. They use the measuring and toolmakers' microscopes to measure the dimensions and angles of machined parts and tools accurately. Toolmakers' microscopes also are used to inspect small electronic and mechanical parts.

To measure parts, the microscope light is used to focus on the object that is being observed under the toolmakers' microscope. Then, the shadow of the object is what is used to gather the measurements. Higher magnification of measuring microscopes allows users to gain precise measurements. We offer a few digital microscopes for measuring and tool applications.

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