Microscope Illuminators and LED Ring Lights

At New York Micrscope Company, we offer a wide selection of microscope illuminators and LED ring lights – the perfect microscope accessories to enhance your optical inspection experience. Microscope illuminators available include LED microscope ring lights, free standing illuminators, dual gooseneck and single gooseneck illuminators, and light guides. We offer the best microscope illuminators for sale, which pair with just about any of our microscope brands.

The purpose of microscope illuminators and LED ring lights is to provide high-intensity light to supplement the natural lighting when viewing specimens and samples in high-resolution under the microscope. We also have microscope ring light adapters which can be used on our stereo microscopes. LED microscope ring lights are ideal in polarized and fluorescence microscopy applications.

We carry LED, halogen, and fluorescent microscope illuminators for sale, perfect for any stereo microscopy application, including gemology, coin, and jewelry inspection. While we offer a variety of illuminators, there are numerous benefits to using our LED microscope ring light illuminators. The microscope LED ring lights have a long-lifetime with LED bulbs that last approximately 100,000 hours. The LED microscope illuminators use less power than halogen bulbs and fluorescent bulbs, cost less to power, are environmentally friendly, and stay cool when in use. The microscope ring lights are an excellent LED light source for microscopes.

With our line of microscope illuminators, you can adjust the light intensity that you desire for viewing samples in industrial, educational, life sciences, and material sciences applications. Our LED microscope ring lights provide shadow-free illumination of samples. They also attach to your microscope easily and illuminate the specimen from above.

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