ioLight Microscopes

ioLight 1mm Portable Microscope

ioLight 1mm Portable Microscope

Delivers the highest resolution, enabling detailed cell observation. Ideal for applications requiring intricate detail.

400x magnification, 1mm field of view, and 1μm resolution (similar to x20 objective, x10 eyepiece).

ioLight 2mm Portable Microscope

ioLight 2mm Portable Microscopes

Wider field of view, ideal for counting applications to observe more cells. Particularly effective for examining opaque samples such as coins and engineering components.

150x magnification, 2mm field of view, and 1μm resolution (similar to x20 objective, x10 eyepiece).

ioLight Microscope being used on the field

ioLight microscopes are portable digital microscopes popular with veterinarians, especially in the field; farms, cattle, sheep and equine. ioLight microscopes are perfectly suitable for micro imagining, general biology studies, horticulturist and the hobbyist. They are available in two models; 1mm offering the higher magnifications, 400x or 2mm offering a wider field of view and 150x magnification. Smartly made of the finest materials, can fit in your pocket and available with a carry case.

ioLight's portable and powerful microscopes can be used in almost any setting. Climate change scientists use them in remote places on earth to look at the impact on the smallest, most fragile organisms. Bioresearchers use them during pandemics to monitor cell growth in incubators and experimental conditions.

ioLight Microscope Feature

  • Unmatched portability for on-the-go research
  • Display and capture high resolution images on tablets, smartphones, and more
  • Images and videos can be saved and shared immediately using standard cloud sharing apps or social media.
  • Great digital images of plant and animal cells clearly visible to all. Record a video of pond life in seconds.
  • Rechargeable battery for hours of active and standby use

What is the Magnification of an ioLight Microscope?

Up to 400x for 1mm microscopes and up to 150x for 2mm microscopes.

On a standard tablet with a 200mm-wide screen, the 1mm microscopes deliver a magnification of x200, ensuring clear visualization. Transitioning to a 50" TV, with a width of 1,100mm, the microscope achieves an impressive x1,100 magnification, although the detail level remains comparable to the tablet screen. However, for finer details, especially in viruses and bacteria, a high-resolution optical microscope remains indispensable.

ioLight’s 1mm microscopes and inverted cell imagers precisely capture a fixed area of the subject, measuring 1mm wide by 0.75mm high. These microscopes offer a detail level similar to x200 or x400 optical microscopes, depending on image contrast and illumination.

ioLight's 2mm microscopes, with a fixed area of 2mm wide by 1.5mm high, are well-suited for applications requiring a broader observation area. Particularly effective for tasks like counting parasite eggs, yeast cells, or cyanobacteria across an extended field. Their utility extends to 3D subjects, like insects, thanks to the doubled depth of field. This feature significantly enhances the microscopes' versatility, making them valuable tools for a range of microscopy applications.

What are Typical Applications for an IoLight Microscope?

ioLight microscopes stand out for their robustness, compact size, simplified image sharing, and user-friendly design. Here are some typical applications:

Field use for rapid diagnosis

  • Diagnosing Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) on the beach has been streamlined to a matter of minutes with ioLight microscopes. Anyone can capture an image of the algae and promptly email it to a lab or utilize AI diagnosis apps. This not only accelerates the diagnostic process but also significantly reduces testing costs. In cases where the water is deemed safe, public access can be opened immediately. Conversely, if hazards are identified, timely warnings can be issued to prevent people and pets from entering the water.
  • In veterinary care, ioLight microscopes are deployed in the field for diagnosing gastrointestinal parasites in livestock. This allows veterinarians to offer precise guidance to farmers regarding optimal timing for worming their animals, helping to prevent the development of resistance to parasitic medicines.

Low-cost labs and personalized medicine

  • In modern medicine, personalized cures tailored to individual patients are on the rise. This approach involves extracting cells from a patient, modifying them to combat a specific disease, and then cultivating large quantities of these modified cells for reintroduction. The crucial monitoring of these cells during their growth phase inside an incubator is efficiently facilitated by the compact ioLight microscope.
  • Life sciences laboratories across various fields, including disease prevention, treatment, wound healing, and vaccine research, commonly cultivate cells. The ioLight compact microscope proves instrumental in monitoring these diverse developments, even when placed inside an incubator with the door closed to ensure a controlled environment and prevent contamination. This capability contributes to the precision and success of experiments and studies, fostering advancements in medical and scientific research.
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