LX Microscopes by UNITRON

UNITRON® is a brand name that is consistently used and trusted globally by some of the most prestigious advanced technology companies around the globe. UNITRON® instruments have been vital tools used in artificial intelligence, cyber security and intelligence, aircraft manufacturing, electronics and industrial, mobility and materials, infrastructure, and natural gas—to name a few!

Our LX microscopes by UNITRON® are models which feature superior quality achromatic lenses with anti-reflective coatings for first-in-class visual clarity. Previously known as LUXO microscopes by UNITRON®, our LX Microscopes by UNITRON® are products that provide some of the most precise, high-quality results and performance for the demands of industrial inspection assembly, rework, and quality control environments.

Within our exclusively priced collection, you can find the best of the LX series, such as the 250, 250-FL, 373, the MIDAS with boom stand or gooseneck stand, the MIDAS handheld inspection system, and the VIP system. Additionally, we provide accessories for the UNITRON® LX microscopes and applications such as inspection and soldering.

Should you need ESD-safe LX microscopes by UNITRON®, you will no doubt wish to add the system 373 to your work environment, as the TRU Trinocular Stereo-Zoom LX Microscopes all feature EDS-safe observation and comes with nearly 8” of working distance. For a perfect solution to medium-duty work environs, the system 250 Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscopes is an ideal choice that also happens to be an economical option as well.

Are you seeking an extended magnification range of 4x-25x with an included 0.5x reducing lens? Look no further than the UNITRON® LX Microscopes VIP model. This variable inclination position binocular microscope offers the extended magnification you need with an ergonomic viewing position with adjustments possible to help reduce neck and muscle fatigue. The VIP’s surface has also been ESD-safe treated, making it perfect for delicate work with sensitive electronics.

Do you have any questions about our UNITRON® LX microscopes? Unsure which model will work best for you? Please feel free to reach out to our expert customer service team at any time. It would be our immense pleasure to assist you in finding a suitable high-quality microscope for you.