Metallurgical Microscopes

Metallurgical microscopes are specifically designed for analyzing the microstructure of metal, ceramics, rocks, semiconductors, plastics, and other materials. With high-power light sources and large working distances, metallurgical microscopes differ from many other types of microscopes used to examine biological material. Metallurgical microscopes often use specialized objectives and lenses designed to focus on the surface of a sample rather than the interior. This allows them to provide high-resolution images of the microstructure of the material's surface.

Engineers and metallurgists often use metallurgical microscopes in industrial applications to analyze the microstructure of materials for quality control and inspection. They are vital tools for measuring and viewing thin films and electroplating, inclusions, surface defects, and grain sizing to determine the quality and performance of the materials.l. Our selection of metallurgical microscopes are also used for y examining the structure and properties of crystals and studying the bonding of atoms in crystalline solids.

We offer exact instruments in upright, reflected light configurations or inverted metallurgical microscope configurations to handle specimens both large and small.. We even offer portable metallurgical microscopes for on-site material analysis. Our magnification ranges begin at 40x and grow to 400x, with the option to choose additional objectives such as 80x or 100x.

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