Metallurgical Microscopes

Metallurgical microscopes are commonly used in industry for quality control and inspection or for measuring instruments for viewing thin films and electroplating, inclusions, surface defects and grain size. Metallurgical microscopes are also used for studying crystallography, analysis of sand castings in iron metal foundries, ceramics, metallic grain micro-structure analysis and identification, measurement of thin films, study of prehistoric stone age tools and artifacts, historical preservation, the study of metallurgy, wafer inspection and metal patina analysis.

Metallurgical microscopes are available in upright reflected light configurations for viewing smaller surface areas or inverted configurations when large space or movement around the specimen is required. Either way the light goes through the back of the objective.

The Total magnification generally range from 40x to 400x and additional objectives of 80x and 100x are available from most manufacturers. Transmitted and Reflected or both types of illumination are available depending on application and budget.

Metallurgist use Metallurgical Microscopes in the aerospace, foundry, automobile Industries and where metal is used in assembly or manufacturing.

All Steindorff Microscopes offer DIC (Differential interference contrast) and Nomarski Filters (Nomarski Interference Contrast NIC) as an upgrade. This is an optical technique used to enhance the contrast in unstained, transparent specimens.

The UNITRON Rollscope is a unique portable Metallurgical Microscope that has been an industry standard for over 40 years. The Rollscope is a valuable tool when the microscope needs to go to the specimen such as a the metal surface of a ship vessel or airplane. The unique roller design allows for easy movement over large flat or curved surfaces for inspection.

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