Metallurgical Microscopes

For samples of metal, ceramics, rocks, semiconductors, or plastics, a high-power light source is needed for viewing these opaque objects. These microscopes are different from the microscopes used to handle biological material.

This feature, however, makes metallurgical microscopes ideal for viewing metallurgic samples. They are specifically designed to help those employed in aerospace, foundry, automobile industries, engineering, and more. They are commonly used in industries where quality control and inspection or measuring and viewing thin films and electroplating, inclusions, surface defects, and grain sizing are essential. Our careful selection of metallurgical microscopes is also a vital tool in crystallography, the branch of science concerned with the structure and properties of crystals and the study of bonding atoms in crystalline solids.

If your metallurgical engineering department or your organization has been seeking the best selection of metallurgical microscopes, you have found the solution here. We offer exact instruments in upright, reflected light configurations or inverted configurations to handle small and large specimens. Our magnification ranges begin at 40x and grow to 400x, with the option to choose additional objectives such as 80x or 100x. You can find the premier metallurgical microscope brands in this curated collection and easily filter via brand names, viewing heads, objective types, illumination, series, and configuration using our convenient filter system on site.

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