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Over the last 20 years, technology has taken leaps and bounds, and the technology behind today's microscopy software is no different. Digital cameras allow microscope users to see their specimens clearly and accurately during the inspection process, but for a digital camera to function well with a microscope, it needs to rely on the appropriate microscopy software.

The microscopy software that comes with our Moticam BTX8 from Motic is called Motic Images Plus 3.0. It comes from the brand's Routine Software Series and allows the user to capture images of their specimens and save them on a computer. The 3.0 version of the software is a redesign of the well-known 2.0, which allowed users to analyze images, take measurements, create reports, and more. The products in the Motic Routine Software Series are appropriate for professional and educational applications.

The digital USB cameras from Vanguard run on ISCapture Software. This microscopy software is full-featured, allowing the user to easily control all the advanced settings that the camera has and providing the user with live image analysis control. Some of the specific features of the ISCapture Software and digital USB cameras include still and video capture modes, automatic exposure and white balance, and a high-speed interface.

Like the Standard Resolution Cameras made for Unitron LX Microscopes, some cameras have built-in software. These cameras' image capture and operating software don't even require a computer to work, which makes them convenient in various settings.

The OPTIKA C-WHSSC digital camera runs on OPTIKA ProView software, which doesn't require installation to use image and video capturing mode on an SD card or in HDMI mode. This microscopy software is easy to use, user-friendly, and is incredibly intuitive, without costing you any extra money after you've purchased the OPTIKA digital camera.

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