Live Blood Cell Analysis Microscopes

Live blood analysis microscopes are used for viewing blood on slides to determine what nutrients are lacking in the body. Live Blood Cell Analysis (LBC) is done by pricking a finger and viewing the droplet of blood on a slide under an LBC microscope. Once evaluated by a certified professional or alternative medicine practitioner, they make recommendations for vitamins or a herbal remedy that may improve a skin or hair condition and the overall health of the individual. These live blood cell analysis microscopes are available in phase contrast or dark field configurations. The darkfield microscopes for live blood cell analysis are more time-consuming to learn how to use properly and set up, but they do produce better high-quality results. Phase contrast microscopes offer a slider for 10x and 40x phase objectives or a phase turret condenser with phase 10x, 20x, 40x, and 100x oil immersion objectives. A darkfield oil condenser is used with a 100x oil objective with an iris diaphragm for the best contrast possible and for defining the outer edges of the cells.

Live blood cell analysis is best used with a darkfield microscope that has high resolution and magnification capabilities. At higher magnification, specifically, 400x, you can see blood cells under a darkfield live blood cell analysis microscope. The blood smears or slides are used to put a sample of blood cells on the slide, and then they are stained and placed for observation under the live blood cell microscope.

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