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Zoom stereo microscopes are ideal for educational and hobbyist use. They can also be used for a wide range of applications, from repairing jewelry, dissecting a three-dimensional sample and joining two metals together with solder to inspecting artwork and classifying different types of rock in a geology setting. What sets stereo zoom microscopes apart from compound microscopes are the separate objective lenses and eyepieces, which give users two different optical paths for each eye. This results in slightly different angles that, together, produce a three-dimensional image. The zoom stereo microscope allows you to view entire samples and specimens in a field of view but then seamlessly zoom in to view a particular part of the specimen at a high resolution.

Our stereo microscopes, including zoom microscopes, come from popular brands like ACCU-SCOPE, UNITRON, Leica Microsystems, and more. Each zoom stereo microscope for sale comes equipped with a stand, viewing head, eyepiece, and illuminator. There are additional options for eyepieces, supplemental lenses, and illuminators available for each stereo zoom microscope model.

Our most popular zoom stereo microscope is the ACCU-SCOPE 3079-LED. Featuring a trinocular head that rotates 360 degrees, the 3079-LED is a sturdy, modular design built to withstand years of heavy use. It’s also manufactured with the latest optical coatings, which allow the stereo zoom microscope to produce images with great resolution and incomparable clarity. Even with its amazing features, the 3079-LED is economically priced, making it a great choice for any stereo microscope enthusiast or professional.

We offer another great zoom stereo microscope for sale – the UNITRON 13207 from the Z730 Series. It’s an ideal choice for industrial inspection, assembly, quality control, research, and education, featuring outstanding optics and a large field of view with a high depth of focus. Additionally, the 13207 reduces the amount of time you need to handle samples, allowing for faster inspections and a more efficient workday.

Leica Microsystems manufactures a zoom stereo microscope for sale that sits on their famous Acrobat Versa stand, making positioning easy. Hand engravers and jewelers have trusted the Acrobat Stand for years, but it’s been redesigned for this specific microscope to have a sleeker look. Along with ergonomic handles that give the user the most comfortable experience possible, the Leica A60 also features a magnetic document holder that offers even more convenience.

When you are looking to buy zoom stereo microscopes, we’d love to walk you through your options and answer any questions you have.

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