Portable Field Microscopes

Examining plant cell sample with an ioLight portable field microscope

When the specimens you want to study are out in the wild, you need a microscope that can go out into the wilderness with you. Portable field microscopes are lightweight and easy to carry in areas where a standard microscope is not practical.

Field microscopes are commonly used to inspect the surfaces of metals, coins, stamps, botanicals, intricate insect wings, hidden rock textures, and more. Don't let their compact size fool you as these microscopes also deliver clear, high-resolution images for detailed analysis. Most field microscopes are designed with metal construction, carrying cases, and built-in LED lights to ensure you're ready for any field use.

Unique features of portable field microscopes include magnetic bases for working with metals and Wi-Fi connectivity for capturing and uploading images of your specimens. Technologically advanced options like the ioLight portable digital microscopes work with your mobile devices to display your samples on your screen instead of having to look directly through a lens. Pocket microscopes are smartphone-friendly and often include a clip to mount them to your smartphone, allowing you to take photos and videos of anything you view under the microscope.

A sampling of features our portable field microscopes includes:

  • Magnifications from 1x all the way to 500x magnification
  • Capture and share images of specimens with your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Small, portable designs that can fit in your pocket
  • Metal construction for durability
  • Built-in LED illumination
  • Magnetic bases for securing your microscope to metals
  • Tripod base, handy carrying case, and so much more!

Explore a world of unseen details with our portable field microscopes and mini microscopes.

Our microscope experts are here to help you find the best product as well as answer all your questions about field microscopes.