Surgical Microscopes

Arguably, there’s no place that accuracy matters more than the operating room. Our surgical microscopes allow doctors to clearly and accurately see what they’re doing, so they can work with confidence when their patients rely on them the most.

One of the features that sets surgical microscopes apart from the rest is their mobility. Each microscope is carried on an adjustable, and sometimes even motorized, stand that can be moved wherever is most comfortable for the surgeon as they perform their procedures. Many surgeries require the doctor to assume different positions to get the best perspective, and surgical microscopes take a lot of that work off the doctor’s shoulders.

Seiler Instrument makes surgical microscopes for a variety of specialty doctors in the medical field, including ophthalmologists, ENT surgeons, and dental surgeons. The Seiler Evolution Zoom Ophthalmology Microscope provides doctors with a clear view of all parts of the eye, which allows for more accuracy in precision eye surgeries like cataract surgery and laser eye surgery. Meanwhile, the Seiler Alpha Air 3 Dental Surgical Microscope provides superior maneuverability, able to be mounted on the floor, wall, high wall, ceiling, or tabletop. (Many ENT surgeons use the Alpha Air 3 Microscope in their operating rooms as well.)

No matter what kind of surgeries you perform in your office, any of the products we offer from Seiler Instrument is going to offer you great benefits like:

  • Precision, Superior Quality Optics
  • Advanced Ergonomics
  • High Levels of Magnification
  • And more!

If you have any questions about our products, or if you aren’t sure which microscope would be the best fit for your operating room, call us during our business hours at (877) 877-7274 or email us 24/7. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the absolute best customer service in the industry, and we can’t wait to address all of your concerns!

Don’t forget that we also sell microscope equipment for microscope maintenance and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), so you can buy most of your surgery necessities all in one place. Let us know if you require any custom configurations.

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