Free Microscope Service Protection & Inspection

New York Microscope Company believes that your microscope investment should be protected and we are proud to be the first microscope/company in the industry to introduce our new Free Service Protection Guarantee. Every purchase of a microscope is entitled to one free Microscope Service and Inspection per year for the first three years only. This offer is based on the microscope service starting from the first year, and two more services consecutively, second and third year. No exceptions. (Additional charges apply for any repairs and parts that may be required, and electrical if not under warranty) This applies only to the original purchaser only and can not be transferred. Offer valid for US customers only. When sending your microscope for service you must include a copy of the original invoice. Please make sure to properly package with sufficient bubble wrap or any packing material that can withstand shipping in a box 2-3 times the size of the microscope. Offer may be withdrawn at any time.

Contact us if you have questions about our free microscope protection.

Microscope Service Consists of:

Evaluating the microscope. Clean, adjust, lubricate and adjust the body, binocular head, and mechanical parts. Remove all optics, (objectives & eyepieces and condenser) clean, adjust lubricate external moving parts and check. Electrical safety check.

It does not include any repairs to internal components, prisms, alignments or internal cleaning or repairs to objectives or mechanical parts. Does not include electrical repairs, unless covered by warranty. Repairs and parts if required and authorized to be charged accordingly. Offer does not apply to any microscope inspection required by the Dept of Health or any other type of government agency or educationals institution. Charges will apply if General Preventative Maintenance is requested for the microscope to be serviced for the above government and educational agencies. The inspection sticker and Safety Check Sheet will be supplied.