Microscope Federal Services GSA Contract

GSA Contract: GS-07F-116BA

New York Microscope Company has a GSA contract for "Scientific Equipment and Services" (Schedule 66) for the following SINs:

  • 603-8 Microscopes, Conventional Upright Type
  • 603-9 Microscopes, Inverted Type
  • 603-10 Microscopes: Metallographic, Multipurpose And Electron

New York Microscope Company, Inc is Small Business, Woman-Owned.

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Contact Information:
Toll-Free: (877)877-7274 or (516)801-0313
Fax: (516) 801-2046
Email: info@nyscopes.com
For any GSA or government-related inquiries, please contact us directly at info@nyscopes.com.

GSA Contract Holder - New York Microscope Company

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