Dissecting Microscopes

Whichever your priority might be, working distance, magnification, field of view, illumination, high resolution, depth of field, or optical quality, we are proud to offer dissection microscopes or stereo microscopes that can work for your application. There are many dissecting microscope uses in gemology, medical, forensic science, and educational settings. Our dissecting scopes are ideal for many applications ranging from dissecting specimens in biology lab settings and observing samples in microsurgical procedures to quality control and assembling small parts in industrial and engineering fields. We have stereo dissecting microscopes, accessories, and more for education, laboratory work, and the medical and scientific fields of today.

At New York Microscope, you will find our expertly curated collection of today’s top innovative dissecting microscopes available from brands like ACCU-SCOPE, LABOMED, Meiji Techno, OPTIKA, and Swift Optical.

Our finest selection of dissection microscopes showcases many fantastic features that may be the perfect solution for your application. We have stereo-dissecting microscope models for clear, precise views of specimens and samples and larger areas to see specimens within the microscope. Should you be seeking a more considerable working distance for utilizing needed utensils or versatile and easy-to-set-up dissecting light microscope configurations, we have options for this as well.

Our stereo dissecting microscopes feature a low standard magnification of 10x, an expanded field of view, excellent lighting, and a large working distance. The low power of the dissecting microscope magnification allows you to observe the specimen that you are dissecting in great detail. Dissecting scopes have binocular eyepieces that provide users with a 3D image of the specimen. Add a digital microscope camera to the binocular dissecting microscope to capture high-resolution images of the process of dissection. When you shop for new dissection microscopes with us, shop assured that every stereo dissecting microscope has passed our stringent standards for the highest quality.

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