ioLight Microscope being used on the field

ioLight microscopes are portable digital microscopes popular with veterinarians, especially in the field; farms, cattle, sheep and equine. ioLight microscopes are perfectly suitable for micro imagining, general biology studies, horticulturist and the hobbyist. They are available in two models; 1mm offering the higher magnifications, 400x or 2mm offering a wider field of view and 150x magnification. Smartly made of the finest materials, can fit in your pocket and available with a carry case.

ioLight's portable and powerful microscopes can be used in almost any setting. Climate change scientists use them in remote places on earth to look at the impact on the smallest, most fragile organisms. Bioresearchers use them during pandemics to monitor cell growth in incubators and experimental conditions.

  • Take it anywhere that your research takes you.
  • Portability does not mean a compromise in image quality.
  • Images are displayed on an tablet or smartphone to make this a go-anywhere high resolution microscope.
  • No booking or set up time, just keep it in your desk drawer, or leave it in the experiment.
  • High resolution images and HD videos straight from your tablet or smartphone to your report.
  • It takes just a couple of minutes to get a great image on the microscope.
  • Great digital images of plant and animal cells clearly visible to all. Record a video of pond life in seconds.
  • Images and videos can be saved and shared immediately using standard cloud sharing apps or social media.
  • World’s only 1 micron resolution pocket digital microscope. A game changer in microscopes!
  • Hours of battery time, or use a USB power bank for even more!
  • The rechargeable battery lasts for several hours of active use and many hours on standby.
  • The perfect tablet or smartphone companion for scientists.

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