Andrew Ross

You might have seen an Andrew Ross microscope in a museum, like the Florida State University Museum of Microscopy, or in the impressive microscope collection of Tom Reynolds, Dean of the Graduate School at University of North Carolina Charlotte. Now, you can buy an Andrew Ross microscope of your very own as a holiday gift to yourself or for the vintage/antique microscope enthusiast in your life.

Not much is known about Andrew Ross, outside of his association with Joseph Jackson Lister, who developed combined lenses to fix the problems of spherical aberration and chromatic distortion. Ross and Lister worked together and helped microscopes become tools that were used in serious scientific research. When the partnership dissolved, Andrew Ross became one of the most renowned microscope manufacturers in the world. His shop was based out of Regent Street, London, in the mid-19th century.

The all-brass Andrew Ross Binocular Microscope we have on our website dates to the 1850s. The piece is an important invention from the London instrument maker, Andrew Ross, because it represents the change and evolution of design. The solid, robust stand and stage illustrate significant advances for its time, and the improved resolution of achromat and spherical objectives exemplify the era's cultural commitment to experimentation. This microscope is considered a masterpiece, standing 22.5" tall. In the rear of the base, you'll find "A. Ross London 647" carefully carved. Keep in mind that most of our antique microscopes have their original working parts and are in working condition but don't come with a warranty. However, we also offer Free Service Protection, which provides our customers with two to three years of microscope inspection and service with every microscope purchase.

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