Seiler Instrument

We notice when a company is committed to providing unmatched quality products and services that consistently exceed customer expectations. We are ever vigilant in our mission to supply and have a complete inventory of today’s most superior quality products. For us, it was easy to decide to create this hand-picked Seiler Instrument gathering for you.

Seiler is a contract manufacturing company that specializes in extreme precision machining and optical instrument assembly. Two of the most renowned Seiler microscopes series, the Microlox IV and the MOH’s-Microlux IV, are available in our collection, as well as the Seiler Alpha Air 3, 6, and slim ENT models.

The Microlux is Seiler Microscopes’ most versatile compound instrument with optional video or digital configuration, phase contrast, LED, simple polarization, and MOH’s for dermatology procedures. The Microlux also has 5 infinity-corrected plan objectives: 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, and 100x for sharper images and almost no aberrations. In contrast, the MOH’s Microlux IX has the most sophisticated features required in most microscopes for exacting performance in MOH’s procedures, including premium PLAN objectives, Kohler illumination, and coaxial fine focusing adjustment.

The Seiler Instrument Alpha Series adds optical intelligence to any dental practice. Exceptional German optics with the brightest standard LED light source on the market make the Seiler Alpha the perfect addition to any operatory, offering differing magnification needs according to the model you need. Alpha 3 features three steps of magnification, while Alpha 6 offers six steps. We provide both Dental surgical Alpha models and Alpha ENT Surgical microscope models for top-class imaging and visualizing for specialists to carry out complex and minimally invasive surgical procedures to help enable the best possible clinical outcomes.

New York Microscope Company is here to assist when you need the best-in-class Seiler Microscopes at the most reasonable prices. We are the only microscope company in the industry to offer our revolutionary Free Service Protection Guarantee with the purchase of every microscope, as we know that your investment should be protected.

Questions about our Seiler instrument collection? Unsure which model is perfect for you? Please feel free to reach out to us for an expert quote or contact our excellent customer service representatives. It would be our pleasure to help.