Carson Optical is a company that started in a Long Island basement and then grew into an industry-leading manufacturer of binoculars, sport optics, magnifiers, telescopes, and microscopes. With over 30 years of experience, Carson focuses on making their products specifically to improve the experience of their customers, and that philosophy has brought them much success even in the face of big businesses. On our website, we have a wide selection of Carson pocket microscopes to help you explore the world around you in a way that’s convenient while still offering high-quality features.

All of the Carson pocket microscopes we sell feature LED illumination, and a few of them also have UV flashlight options. The UV flashlight allows the user to detect counterfeit coins, observe nectar guides, and so much more. Carson also offers smartphone adapters, which allow you to attach your smartphone to your full-size binoculars or any other Carson optics product. One adapter even comes with a pocket microscope attached to it; it magnetically attaches itself to your smartphone camera so that you can make your observations via your phone’s camera.

All Carson pocket microscopes are great tools for hobbyists and professionals alike, anyone who requires a quick look at small specimens like coins, flowers, fabric, metal, small insects, plants, bark on trees (horticulturist), and more. These microscopes also make perfect gifts for young, budding scientists, so if you’re trying to come up with gift ideas this holiday season, Carson pocket microscopes are a fun, beneficial, affordable option.

Even though all of the microscopes in this collection are small enough to fit in your pocket, they come in a variety of shapes with a variety of features. Some connect to your computer so you can see your live images on a large screen, and most connect to your smartphone to take live videos and pictures of your specimens. Take advantage of these economically priced, high-tech options before they’re gone. If you’re not sure which microscope is the best option for you or your loved one, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.