Bristol Microscope

The Bristoline name was established in 1961 after the Berliner family purchased the microscope company known as ACCU-SCOPE. A surgical and medical supply company bought Bristoline in 1988. After only two years, Jay Berliner left and reacquired the microscope division of the company, rebranding it as ACCU-SCOPE INC in 1990. Today, ACCU-SCOPE sells some of the most popular and reliable microscopes in the industry. We are fortunate to also have access to a few of the company’s previous models that were made when the brand was still known as Bristoline. You can purchase either a binocular or monocular Bristol microscope, as well as a 30W Bayonet Mirror Replacement Bulb as needed.

The first binocular Bristol microscope is the 3002, available with either tungsten or halogen illumination. This microscope was made in Japan and sits on a graduated mechanical stage, featuring a binocular head and a quadruple nosepiece. It comes with a one-year warranty.

The second binocular microscope from Bristoline is the Bristolscope, which has a lot of the same features as the 3002 model. Besides differences in cosmetics, the main difference between the Bristolscope and the 3002 is the built-in light sources available. The 3002, depending on which illumination you choose, can come with either a 120V 30W tungsten bulb or a 6V 20W halogen bulb. The Bristolscope, on the other hand, has a 6V 18W tungsten bulb.

The only monocular Bristol microscope we have is the 3070, which also happens to be the least expensive Bristoline product on our website. It’s perfect for hobbyists or educators within classroom settings. The 3070 sits on a mechanical stage and has a triple nosepiece, wide-field eyepiece, and three different objectives. Like the binocular microscopes from Bristoline, it was also made in Japan and comes with a one-year warranty.

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