American Optical Microscopes

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the vintage microscope enthusiast in your life this holiday season, look no further than our collection of American Optical microscopes and microscope accessories. We have monocular, binocular, and trinocular microscopes from American Optical that have either been reconditioned or are classified as antiques, though every product in this collection is in working order. We also have plenty of American Optical microscope accessories to keep your microscopes in working order, along with free, yearly inspections/services to your microscope for the first three years after purchase. If you have any questions about our microscopes or accessories from American Optical, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Today, American Optical is a popular brand known for its aviator-style sunglasses, but it has a history that not many people know. It all started with three men: William Beecher, who lived in Southbridge, Massachusetts and set up a jewelry business that eventually included spectacle-making; Robert H. Cole, who became Beecher’s business partner and then established the American Optical Company; and Charles A. Spencer, who was one of America’s very first microscope-makers. Years after Beecher’s jewelry company had been founded, Spencer’s son created the Spencer Lens Company, which was a continuation of his father’s work that started in the 1840s. Robert H. Cole established the American Optical Company in 1869, and in 1935, American Optical Company bought the Spencer Lens Company, which was when American Optical started creating microscopes. The company researched and developed precision optics for the American military during World War II, which included the brand’s now-famous sunglasses. American Optical hasn’t created microscopes in over 40 years, since the company’s instrument division went through a lot of buy-outs over the next several years. Today, a company called Reichert Technologies, which operates under AMETEK, carries on the American Optical name in terms of advanced optical instruments like microscopes and instruments used in eye care facilities.

American Optical microscopes are rare pieces, making them perfect for antique collectors of all ages. Our American Optical microscope accessories collection allows you to use your microscope, and it makes a great conversation piece. If you have any questions, please reach out to our customer service department and we’ll be happy to help.