AG Neovo

AG Neovo, derives its name from the Greek words ""Neo"" and ""Vo,"" which together mean ""new vision."" AG Neovo is a company that specializes in creating high-quality display systems that are unmatched in terms of both the advanced technology they use and the diversity of applications for which they are applied. These display systems are used in retail, security, surveillance, healthcare, education, training, and transportation facilities all around the world. There's a good reason it calls itself ""the display choice of professionals."" We have digital microscopes displays from AG Neovo that display impressive, high-quality images in versatile settings and applications, and we're sure that you'll be impressed no matter which of our AG Neovo digital microscope monitors you choose.

Two of our AG Neovo digital microscope displays come from the DR-series, and two come from the RX-series. The DR-Series was specially designed for dental settings; its amazing image-optimization capability allows dentists to both understand and explain patient diagnosis more effectively and offer the best and most effective treatment options. Meanwhile, with the specialized gamma correction and black-level alignment that the RX-series offers, RX-series display systems provide the highest quality images possible, even under unfavorable lighting conditions. The RX-series is built to last, performing well in environments that require security and surveillance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Its durability is enhanced by AG Neovo's Anti-Burn-in™ technology, which prevents ghosting (a type of image distortion) while performing continuous mission-critical operations. Both series from AG Neovo feature NeoV™ Optical Glass, which offers best-in-class hard class protection by utilizing a specially formulated, hardened optical glass that enhances your image quality.

Some of the other amazing features you'll find in our collection of AG Neovo digital microscope monitors include enhanced color reproduction, enhanced gamma correction, a flicker-free backlight, and an easy-to-clean design. If you're unsure which display system would be the best solution for you or your workplace, we'd be happy to answer any questions and address any concerns. After all, we're dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry! Simply give us a call or send us an email, and we'll be happy to help.