UNITRON Microscopes

With our firm dedication to quality, inside and out, it is clear why UNITRON is a trusted name brand we offer within our extensive inventory. When the highest precision created with durable, premium components and assembly standards is needed, you have found the right microscope model for you.

UNITRON microscopes provide an extensive range of affordable, versatile microscopes suitable for nearly every application. Specializing in microscopes since 1952, UNITRON's microscopes and optical accessories have been consistently used and trusted worldwide in some of the most prestigious companies and organizations. Manufactured within the United States, UNITRON microscopes are tested and kept to the strictest quality parts and assembly standards. Additionally, UNITRON microscopes are all created with ergonomics and the user experience in mind, making them easy to operate.

Using a UNITRON microscope means years of reliable performance, no matter which model best fits your needs. With each UNITRON from us, customers can enjoy our exclusive Free Service Protection Guarantee, making us your best and number one source for all microscopes made by UNITRON. We offer a simple to use search filter that allows you to pinpoint which microscope fits you best by brand, viewing head, illumination, series, and price.

Are you still a bit unsure as to which UNITRON microscope will fit your needs? Please let our experts help you by creating a custom quote for you. Visit our Request a Quote link and let us know your budget, what you are looking for in your UNITRON microscope, and any other requirements. We'll get to work on finding the perfect solution for you, ensuring you get the best fit for your organization.

Not only can we help you find a suitable UNITRON, but we are also available to help with any product advice, technical support, or any inquiries about quantity discounts should you need them. Feel free to reach out to us via our contact form on the website, or email us at info@nyscopes.com or call us toll-free, Monday through Friday, 9 AM until 6 PM EST at (877) 877-7274.

With over 40 years of excellence in serving the microscope industry and as the only company that offers Free Service Protection Guarantee, you can rely on New York Microscope Company for the quality and customer service you deserve.

Custom Quotations for UNITRON Microscopes

Let our experts create a custom quote just for you with our best pricing and terms. Simply tell us your requirements, and we'll do the rest.

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If you need product advice, technical support, or to enquire about quantity discounts, feel free to contact us by email or call us at (877) 877-7274.

New York Microscope Company is the only microscope company to offer a Free Service Protection Guarantee with the purchase of every microscope. Visit our Free Service Protection page for more details.