Monocular Compound Microscopes

Monocular compound microscopes make great tools to enhance your studies. They’re also durable and easy on your budget if you’re just starting your journey towards scientific discovery or if you’re simply looking for an affordable microscope.

Compound microscopes are popular in biology classrooms--monocular compound microscopes are even more so! What distinguishes monocular microscopes from other compound microscopes is the singular eyepiece. Whereas other compound microscopes can come with either binocular or trinocular eyepieces, monocular microscopes allow science students to focus solely on their samples instead of forcing them to navigate the sometimes overwhelming mechanical features that other microscopes pose.

Though many of the monocular compound microscopes are similar in appearance, they can have different types of objectives and illuminations. The most common types of objectives include Achromat, Plan, and Semi-Plan, while the most common illumination types include LED and Halogen. Our entire collection of microscopes features affordable options, though some are still more expensive than others. If price is a significant factor in your decision-making, you can sort your results by price to narrow your options.

We’re proud to bring you monocular compound microscopes from the brands you know and trust, like ACCU-SCOPE, OPTIKA, LABOMED, and Meiji Techno. Here are some recommended products selected because of their popularity:

  • ACCU-SCOPE EXC-121-3 Monocular LED Microscope with Achromat Objectives, 400x Magnification: Comes equipped with sharp, high-contrast Achromat objectives while also featuring ergonomic focus controls, all brass gears, and the widest field of view eyepiece in its class. Designed for years of heavy classroom use with a rugged, die-cast aluminum frame.
  • ACCU-SCOPE EXM-150 Monocular Cordless Microscope with Disc Diaphragm, Rechargeable: Designed to provide educators with a high-performance, student-proof instrument at an affordable price. Featuring a newly designed illumination system that provides bright and even illumination in both corded and cordless operations, this microscope is an excellent choice for high schools, middle schools, technical institutes, hobbyists, and homeschool applications.
  • OPTIKA B-191PL Monocular LED Microscope, 1000x: Ideal for teachers and secondary schools, featuring four N-PLAN objectives (1000x), an FN 18 high eyepoint, a finite optical system, coaxial focusing, a mechanical stage, an Abbe condenser, and a powerful, uniform, white color temperature 3 watts LED illumination.

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