Meiji SMT Zoom Stereo Digital Microscope Package on Boom Stand for Surface Mount Technology Inspection

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The SMT Inspection Series is equipped with Meiji Techno's most versatile Boom Stand which can be adjusted vertically or horizontally and side to side to address the ergonomic needs of every production or test engineer. Equipped with an auxiliary lens which gives the user over 6 inches of working distance. This allows ample working room to allow the engineers to solder and work on PCB boards being inspected without compromising Ergonomics.

Surface-mount Technology (SMT) is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly on to the surface of printed circuit boards (PCB's). Since SMT or SMD technologies can be used on the same board, with the through-hole technology used for components not suitable for surface mounting such as large transformers and heat-sinked power semiconductors. SMT component is usually smaller than its through hole counterpart because it has either smaller leads or no leads at all. It may have short pins or leads of various styles, flat contacts, or a matrix of solder balls (BGA's) or termination on the body of the component.

Meiji Techno America offers a variety of illuminations as an option because where components are to be placed, the printed circuit board normally has flat, usually tin-lead silver or gold plated copper pads without holes, called solder pads. Our Inspection Series allows the boards to be visually inspected for missing or misaligned components and solder bridging, if needed, they are sent to a rework station where a Meiji Techno Microscope system is used to inspect errors and repaired by a human operator. They are sent to the testing stations (in-circuit testing and/or functional testing) to verify that they operate correctly. Defective surface-mount components can be repaired by using our stereo zoom systems by using soldering irons (for some connections), or using a non contact rework system. In most cases a rework system is the better choice because SMT work with a soldering iron requires and excellent Optical Microscope quality and considerable skill.

Viewind Head Options:

  • EMZ-5TR Trinocular Zoom Stereo microscope body with zoom range, W.D. 93mm magnification from 7X to 90X (Using SWF10X and SWF20X eyepieces)
  • EMZ-8TR Trinocular Zoom Stereo microscope body with zoom range, W.D. 104mm magnification from 7X to 90X (Using SWF10X and SWF20X eyepieces) with a 23.2 mm trinocular tube

System Includes:

  • Meiji EMZ-5TR / EMZ-8TR Trinocular Zoom Stereo Head, 0.7x - 4.5x Zoom Range
  • Meiji MA502 10x Super Widefield Eyepiece (Pair) - For EM Series
  • Meiji MA504 20x Super Widefield Eyepiece (Pair) - For EM Series
  • Meiji S-4100 Boom Stand Meiji F Coarse Focus Block/Holder
  • Meiji MA517 / MA794 0.5x Auxiliary Lens - For EMZ Series
  • Meiji FT192 Annular Fiber Optic Illuminator, 120V

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