Euromex NexiusZoom ESD Microscope Series

Euromex NexiusZoom ESD microscopes are designed for use in a variety of industrial laboratory environments, particularly electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive environments. ESD is the sudden flow of electricity between two objects with different electrical charges, and it can be harmful to electronic devices and components.

Thankfully, NexiusZoom ESD microscopes are equipped with ESD-safe components that are coated with a special static dissipative paint, which helps prevent the buildup of static electricity and minimizes the risk of ESD damage to the stereo microscopes and accessories.

Other features of the NexiusZoom ESD microscopes include a large working distance, LED illumination options, and a variety of objectives and eyepieces to choose from. This line of Euromex microscopes can achieve magnifications from 3.3 up to 180 times with additional lenses and objectives. These features make NexiusZoom ESD microscopes an excellent choice for research and quality control applications in electronics and other ESD-sensitive industries.

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