ACCU-SCOPE Microscopes

ACCU-SCOPE Compound Microscope

ACCU-SCOPE Compound Microscopes

ACCU-SCOPE microscopes deliver top quality optics for bright, crisp images. These microscopes are favorites across a wide range of laboratories including clinical, veterinary, pharmaceutical, research, university, and education.

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ACCU-SCOPE Stereo Microscope

ACCU-SCOPE Stereo Microscopes

These stereo microscopes feature outstanding optical clarity, superb resolution, large fields of view and a high depth of focus. Perfect for life science, education, research and hobby applications.

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ACCU-SCOPE Digital Microscope Cameras

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Microscope Accessories

For more than 60 years, ACCU-SCOPE microscopes have built their reputation on creating high-quality, certified microscopes. Renowned for their crisp, high-contrast images and outstanding resolution, ACCU-SCOPE is the go-to choice for a variety of industries. All mechanical components are manufactured and assembled to the strictest quality standards to ensure your ACCU-SCOPE microscope is defect-free and ready to use.

History of ACCU-SCOPE Microscopes

ACCU-SCOPE has a unique history that starts with its founding in the 1920s as an offshore medical important company. Re-established in New York City in 1947, the Berliner family later purchased the company in the early 1960s, which was later bought by Graham-Field, a worldwide medical and surgical supply company. Eventually re-acquired by the Berliner family in 1990, the company was renamed ACCU-SCOPE. Today, ACCU-SCOPE microscopes are a less expensive alternative to other brands such as Leica, Nikon, Olympus, and Zeiss.

ACCU-SCOPE Microscope Applications

There are a variety of fields that rely on ACCU-SCOPE microscopes and accessories, including life science, education, industrial, research, and clinical. There are even microscopes available for hobbyists so you can view your collection closer than ever before. The ACCU-SCOPE microscopes and accessories we carry are all competitively priced and manufactured to strict quality standards, ensuring fantastic optics, excellent resolution, and sturdy construction.

ACCU-SCOPE Microscopes for Sale

We carry a large selection of ACCU-SCOPE compound and stereo microscopes so you can find the right option for your exact situation. Along with our impressive collection of microscopes, we also offer a wide variety of ACCU-SCOPE microscope parts and accessories, including digital microscope cameras. We even offer a selection of refurbished ACCU-SCOPE microscopes so you can save some additional money while still receiving a high-quality product.

ACCU-SCOPE Microscope Features

All ACCU-SCOPE microscopes are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. They offer an industry-leading five-year limited warranty for ACCU-SCOPE microscope parts, labor, and electronic components.

New York Microscope Company is the only microscope company to offer a Free Service Protection Guarantee with the purchase of every ACCU-SCOPE microscope. Visit our Free Service Protection page for more details.