ACCU-SCOPE 3000-LED Microscope Series

The ACCU-SCOPE 3000-LED microscope series has been completely redesigned to provide even more value for its users. These microscopes now have higher resolution capabilities and improved LED illumination features, making them an affordable option for high-quality microscopy.

We offer the ACCU-SCOPE 3000-LED microscope series, which is used by lab technicians and students in both real-life applications and classroom settings. In the ACCU-SCOPE 3000-LED series, you’ll find high-quality biological microscopes used by lab professionals and classroom microscopes used by educators in high school science labs and universities.

Key Features of the ACCU-SCOPE 3000-LED Series

ACCU-SCOPE 3000-LED microscopes are built to last, with a durable metal construction and a convenient carrying handle. With a 10x eyepiece as standard, the ACCU-SCOPE 3000-LED microscopes offer an impressive 20mm field of view. The updated Infinity plan optical system gives users the ability to see their samples more quickly and clearly. Another feature included with the ACCU-SCOPE 3000-LED microscopes is the bright 3-watt LED illuminator, which allows for excellent optical performance and high-contrast imaging. These upgraded LED lights also save energy and the cost of replacement bulbs as they provide over 15 years of illumination.

When you need an affordable high-resolution microscope, look no further than the ACCU-SCOPE 3000-LED microscope series. You can even add a microscope camera or other accessories to the ACCU-SCOPE 3000-LED series to enhance your experience.

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