VanGuard 1486FLi Fluorescence Phase Trinocular Microscope



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This model features both transmitted and incident illumination advanced features and optics that is perfect for both brightfield and fluorescence applications. One model is available for phase contrast applications and comes with a Zernike-style phase contrast condenser with annulus rings. All models come standard with quadruple reversed nosepiece with positive click stops. The viewing head is Seidentnopf and all models come trinocular for either photo or video capabilities. There is a slide out main prism that facilitates maximum light through the head. All models have a graduated mechanical stage with 30 x 70mm movable range. The focusing mechanism is coaxial for precise focusing control. The upper illumination system is 100W HBO with a mercury light source and the lower illumination system is 6V 20W variable halogen (supplied with blue, green and neutral density filters). The model for phase contrast has a centerable field diaphragm for Kohler illumination.

  • Professional Level
  • Fluorescence, Phase, Brightfield, & Darkfield
  • Precision Optics

Product Specifications

Optical System VIOS Infinity-Corrected
Head Trinocular
Type Fluorescence/Brightfield Phase Contrast
Objective Type Plan Achromatic
Plan Achromatic Phase
Viewing Head 30° Inclination; 360° Rotatable
Interpupillary Adjustment 55-75 mm
Dioptric Adjustment -6 to +6
Camera Port 20/80 Split
Eyepieces 10x WideField; 18 mm F.D.
Nosepiece 5-Position; Reverse Pitch
Fluorescence/Brightfield Objectives (Plan Achromatic) 4x (0.10 NA, 17.0 mm W.D., 4.5 mm F.O.V.)
10x (0.25 NA, 8.0 mm W.D., 1.8 mm F.O.V.)
40x (0.65 NA, 0.40 mm W.D., 0.45 mm F.O.V.)
100x (1.25 NA, 0.25 mm W.D., 0.18 mm F.O.V.)
Phase Contrast Objectives (Plan Achromatic) 10x (0.25 N.A., 8.0 mm W.D., 1.8 mm F.O.V.)
20x (0.40 NA, 0.50 mm W.D., 0.9 mm F.O.V.)
40x (0.65 NA, 0.40 mm W.D., 0.45 mm F.O.V.)
100x (1.25 NA, 0.25 mm W.D., 0.18 mm F.O.V.)
Fluorescence Filter Cubes1 Blue Broadband
Green Broadband
Stage Rectangular 160 x 140 mm Mechanical; Drop-Down, Right-Hand, Rack & Pinion X-Y Control, 75 x 50 mm Cross Travel Range; Removable Spring-Clip Slide Holder; Chemical-Resistant Finish
Focusing Coaxial, Low Position, Coarse/Fine Controls; Tension Adjustment; Safety Auto-Stop; 40 mm Focusing Range; 0.002 mm Precision
Condenser 1.25 N.A. Abbe; Iris Diaphragm; Swing-Out Filter Holder; Rack & Pinion Focusing Control; 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x Zernike Phase Stops; Darkfield Stop; Telescoping Eyepiece For Phase Annuli Centering
Upper Illumination 100 W HBO Mercury
Lower Illumination 20 W Variable Quartz Halogen
Base 225 x 160 mm; Anti-Skid Rubber Feet
Body Ergonomic; Stain-Resistant Enamel Finish
Dimensions 225 x 160 x 465 mm
Weight 10.7 kg
Voltage 110 V
220 V Available On Request
Warranty Five Year Manufacture
Supplied With Dispersion Filter, Blue Filter, Green Filter, Telescoping Eyepiece, Spare 20 W Halogen Lamp, Spare 0.25A, 250 V Fuses (2 Ea.), Spare 8.0A, 250 V Fuses (2 Ea.), Dust Cover, & Operation Manual
1 Blue Broadband
(Excitation: 430-490 nm; Emission: 520+ nm; Dichroic: 500 nm) Intended Dyes: FITC, Acridine Orange, & Auramine

1 Green Broadband
(Excitation: 480-550 nm; Emission: 590+ nm; Dichroic: 570 nm) Intended Dyes: Ethidium Bromide, Propidium Iodide, & TRITC

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