SF Standard Coupler For Nikon F-Mounted Camera To Zeiss 30mm Photoport, Dovetail

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Coupler to link Nikon F-Mounted 30mm diagonal sensor Camera to Zeiss Photoport - 30mm Diameter Dovetail

  • Nikon F Mount camera fitting
  • 1.6x Magnification
  • Suitable for 30mm Diagonal Chip Camera
  • 30mm Diagonal Image Size
  • Supports 21mm Diameter Reticle
  • The 1.6x Optic is 23mm diameter - can be removed and used in 23mm Diameter eyepieces
  • For Zeiss Interface 60 & 60N - The 30mm Diameter male Dovetail drops into female Zeiss photoport

Product Specifications

Model Description
NYMC-SF16ZK 1.6x Magnification, Suitable for 30mm Diagonal Chip Camera, 30mm Diagonal Image Size

For the following microscopes

Upright Axio Examiner - Axio Imager - Axio Imager Vario - Axio Lab - Axio Lab A1 - Axio Observer - Axio Scope A1 - Axio Scope Vario - Axiophot 2 - Axioplan 2 - Axioskop 2 - Axioskop FS - Axioskop 40 - Axiostar - Axiostarplus - Axiotech - Axiotech Vario - Axiotron 2 CSM - Primo Star - STD 25 ICS - KF2 ICS - New Standard Trinocular Tube (Zeiss # 452902)
Inverted Axiovert A1 - Axiovert 100 - Axiovert 135 - Axiovert 135M - Axiovert 200 (All non-compatable with 0.38x mag) - Primo Vert - IM Series (with new standard trinoc tube Zeiss # 452902)
Stereo Axio Zoom V16 - Discovery V8 - Discovery V12 - Discovery V20 - Stereo Lumar V12 - Semi 2000C - Semi 2000CS - Semi SV6 - Semi SV11 - Semi DRC (needs 455005 phototube)

Microscope Camera Couplers are special order and non-returnable


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