Olympus CX33 Trinocular Microscope

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The Olympus CX33 Trinocular Microscope for sale offers improved all-around performance and greater cost efficiency. This biological microscope is ergonomically designed with low-positioned coarse and fine-focusing controls and features convenient hand grips at the front and back to facilitate operation. The ergonomic trinocular head of the Olympus CX33 microscope is inclined 30° for comfortable viewing and has an interpupillary distance adjustment range from 48 to 75mm. The CX33 microscope comes standard with WF 10x/20mm eyepieces. A quadruple inward fit nosepiece with newly developed infinity corrected 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x objectives are included in this Olympus CX33 Trinocular Microscope setup. The quadruple revolving nosepiece improves access and makes for quick, easy slide changes, improving work productivity. The Olympus microscope CX33 model offers exceptional flatness, producing sharp, clear images right up the edge of the field of view.

A precise graduated mechanical stage with rackless design is standard (76 mm X direction and 52 mm Y direction movement). This Olympus microscope has an Abbe Condenser, which is 1.25 N.A, centerable and focusable and includes a blue filter. Illumination is built in with a 2.4W LED Köhler system, which provides users with consistent color temperatures when viewing samples.

This CX33 Olympus microscope is ideal for educational and medical applications. The CX33 microscope has an anti-fungus treatment, which helps protect the optical parts, even in high-humidity regions. When you buy an Olympus CX33 Trinocular Microscope for sale, you’ll also receive a microscope cover, the CX33 manual, and a power cord. See all microscope accessories available to pair with the Olympus CX33 microscope.


  • Infinity corrected objectives offer exceptional flatness producing sharp, clear images right up the edge of the field of view (4x, 10x, 40x, 100x oil)
  • Anti-fungus treatment helps protect optical parts even in high humidity regions
  • Inward-facing, quadruple revolving nosepiece improves access and makes for quick, easy slide changes
  • Fixed Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25, centerable and focusable for Köhler illumination
  • WF 10x/20mm Eyepieces
  • 2.4W LED provides ample illumination for any observation
  • Built-in right hand stage with rackless design, low positioned X, Y controls with ergogrips to facilitate operation
  • Microscope Cover, Manual & Power Cord

Microscope Specifications

Optical System Infinity optical system
Observation Methods Brightfield, darkfield
Viewing Head 30° inclined trinocular tube (anti-fungal), eyepiece/camera port = 100/0 or 0/100, Interpupillary distance: 48-75 mm, Eyepoint adjustment: 375.0-427.9 mm
Eyepieces (anti-fungal) 10X Field Number (FN): 20
Revolving Nosepiece Fixed quadruple nosepiece with inward tilt
Objectives Infinity Plan achromat, anti-fungal 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X
Focusing Stage height movement (coarse movement stroke: 15 mm ), Stroke per rotation for coarse adjustment knob: 36.8 mm, Focusing stopper, Torque adjustment for coarse adjustment knob, Fine focus knob (minimum adjustment gradations: 2.5 μm)
Stage Wire movement mechanical fixed stage 211 mm x 154 mm, Traveling range: 76 mm x 52 mm, Single specimen holder Stage XY movement stopper
Condenser Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with oil immersion, Built-in aperture iris diaphragm
Illumination System Built-in transmitted illumination system, Köhler illumination (fixed field diaphragm), LED power consumption 2.4 W (nominal value), precentered


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