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Please note: slide sets vary from the below description. there are 89 slides included however there may be duplicate slides in each set. The quality of the slides however are exceptional the manufactures error is your gain as these sets are being sold at a tremendous discount.

  • Stem of monocotyledon X.S.
  • Stem of dicotyledon X.S.
  • Epidermis, broad bean leaf epithelium section showing stomata W.M.
  • Paramecium W.M.
  • Large intestine section
  • Leaf of dicotyledon X.S.
  • Pine needle X.S.
  • Lung section
  • Small intestine section
  • Liver section
  • Frog blood smear
  • Mosquito mouth W.M.
  • Human blood smear
  • Mitosis of plant cell section
  • Squamous epithelium, scrapings from human mouth
  • Housefly legs W.M.
  • Root of monocotyledon X.S.
  • Wing of housefly W.M.
  • Pine, mature wood X.S.
  • Fish scale W.M.
  • Tongue from mammal section
  • Leaf of cotton X.S.
  • Nerve cell W.M.
  • Daphnia W.M.
  • Connective tissues from mammal section
  • Mouth part housefly W.M.
  • Legs of honeybee W.M.
  • Pollen tubes W.M
  • Epidermis broad bean leaf W.M.
  • Winter jasmine leaf X.S.
  • Saccharomycete W.M.
  • Spirogyra W.M.
  • Lichen W.M.
  • Separated smooth muscle W.M.
  • Lilium, section of mature pollen
  • Skin of reptile section
  • Spermary section
  • Chlamydomonas W.M.
  • Moss, W.M. of antheridia cluster with antheridia
  • Skin of frog section
  • Root nodule section
  • Hydra L.S.
  • Bladder section
  • Hydra X.S.
  • Stratified squamous epithelium section
  • Skeletal muscles X.S.
  • Pesudostratified ciliated columnar
  • Artery X.S.
  • Fern prothallium W.M.
  • Collenchymas section
  • Pancreas section
  • Penicillium section
  • Aspergillus W.M.
  • Fern prothallia W.M.
  • Artery and vein X.S.
  • Smooth muscles X.S.
  • Sperm human, smear
  • Sprout L.S.
  • Bacteria three type slide smear
  • Blastula of frog section
  • Phloem section
  • Uterus from mammal section
  • Skin of mammal section
  • Xylem section
  • Ganglion section
  • Simple columnar epithelium
  • Cerebrum from mammal section
  • Cerebellum from mammal section
  • Mouth of bee W.M
  • Esophagus from mammal X.S.
  • Hydra W.M.
  • Stem of pumpkin X.S
  • Stem of cotton X.S.
  • Spleen from mammal section
  • Simple squamous epithelium section
  • Lymph node from mammal section
  • Cartilage section
  • Paramecium conjugation W.M.
  • Stomach from mammal section
  • Wing of bee W.M.
  • Young root of plant X.S.
  • Antheridia of moss section
  • Top of root X.S.
  • Fruits of pine section
  • Fertilized egg of frog section
  • Root of buttercup X.S.
  • Frog, cleavage section
  • Coprinus section
  • Ovary from mammal section


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