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Please note: slide sets vary from the below description. there are 100 slides included however there may be duplicate slides in each set. The quality of the slides however are exceptional the manufactures error is your gain as these sets are being sold at a tremendous discount.

  • Aorta, T.S.
  • Kidney, L.S.
  • Vorticella, W.M.
  • Dicot Stem, T.S.
  • Paramcecium
  • Spinal Cord, T.S.
  • Tongue, T.S.
  • Febrous Cartilage
  • Head Louse W.M.
  • Trachea, T.S.
  • Squamous Epithelium
  • Cuboidal Epithelium Tissue, T.S.
  • Animal Cell
  • Embryo 10mm T.S.
  • Areolar Tissue, W.M.
  • Ovary T.S.
  • Tendon, T.S.
  • Embryology 6mm, L.S.
  • Algas Polysiphonia
  • Algae Pandouna, W.M.
  • Vaucheria, W.M.
  • Kidney, T.S.
  • Monocot Root, T.S.
  • Liver
  • Columnar Epithelial Tissue, T.S.
  • Monocot Stem, T.S.
  • Aorta, T.S.
  • Rectum, T.S.
  • Urethra, T.S.
  • Dicot Root, T.s.
  • Cardiac Muscle
  • Balano-Glossus Proboscic Region, T.S.
  • Vein T.S.
  • Lymph Gland, T.S.
  • Blood Smear
  • Sperm
  • Hyaline Cartilage, T.S.
  • Duodenum, T.S.
  • Spirogyra, W.M.
  • Nerve Fiber, V.M.
  • Spleen, T.S.
  • Selaginella Strodilus, W.M.
  • Hose Fly Mouth Parts
  • Chladophora Thallus, W.M.
  • Medullated Nerve, T.S.
  • Aorta, T.S.
  • Spleen, T.S.
  • Urinary Bladder, T.S.
  • Honey Bee Mouth Parts
  • Overy, T.S.
  • Vermiform Appendix, T.S.
  • Balano-Glossus Trunk Region, T.S.
  • Lung, T.S.
  • Ciliated Epithelium Tissue, T.S.
  • Skin V.S.
  • Mammary Gland, T.S.
  • Dicot Leaf, N.S.
  • Rectum, T.S.
  • Fern Prothallus, W.M.
  • Honey Bee Sting, W.M.
  • Protozoa Euglena, W.M.
  • Skin, C.S.
  • Pine Female Cone, L.S.
  • Pancreas, T.S.
  • Brain, L.s.
  • Testis, T.S.
  • Un-Striated Muscle
  • Brain Cerebellium, T.S.
  • Artery, T.S.
  • Esophagus, T.S.
  • Optic nerve, T.S.
  • Elastic Cartilage
  • Bed Bug, W.M.
  • Moss Plant with Capsule
  • Moss protemema
  • Parathyroid with Thyroid Glands, T.S.
  • Liver
  • Monocot Leaf, V.S.
  • Heart, L.S.
  • Retina V.S.
  • Pancreas, T.S.
  • Fallopian Tube, T.S.
  • Intestine, T.S.
  • Amphibia Nerve, T.S.
  • Nerve, T.S.
  • Thyroid Glangs, T.S.
  • Testis, T.S.
  • Striated Muscle
  • Pine Needle, T.S.
  • Nerve Cell, T.S.
  • Heart, L.S.
  • Intestine, T.S.
  • Dicot Root, T.S.
  • Uterus,T.S.
  • Mammal Liver, T.S.
  • Amphibian Kidney, t.S.
  • Kidney,T.S.
  • Liver
  • Esophagus, T.S.
  • Parathyroid with Thyroid Glands, T.S.


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