Mitutoyo TM-1005B Toolmakers Measuring Microscope

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The Mitutoyo TM Series is a toolmakers' microscope well suited for measuring dimensions and angles of machined metals. It also can be used to check the shape of screws and gears by attaching an optional reticle. The compact body makes it ideal for use on shop floors with limited space.


  • Angle measurement is performed easily by turning the angle scale disc to align the cross-hair reticle with the workpiece image.
  • Illumination intensity can be adjusted.
  • Included standard accessories create an overall magnification of 30X. Magnifications can be changed from 20 - 200X by using optional objectives and/or eyepieces.
  • 1 Year warranty

Product Specifications

Model No. TM-1005B (176-819A) TM-A1005B (176-821A)
Objective lens Standard accessory: 2X, Options: 5X, 10X
Maximum height of workpiece 4.21" / 107mm
Transmitted illumination Stepless brightness adjustment, White LED light source, With green filter
Surface illumination Oblique single-source type, Stepless brightness adjustment, White LED light source
Measuring range 4" x 2" / 100 x 50mm (An optional 2"/50mm gauge block is required to cover full range. A CERA block is recommended.)
Table size 9.44" x 6" / 240x152mm
Usable area of the stage glass 36" x 3.8" / 154x96mm
Linear measurement method Micrometer heads optional Micrometer heads included
Resolution N/A .00005"/1μm
Micrometer head travel range N/A 2"/50mm

Technical Data

Optical tube Monocular with 30° depression angle
90° broken cross-hair reticle (176-126)
Erect image
Diopter adjustable
Eyepiece protractor Graduation: 1°
Protractor range: 360°
Minimum reading by vernier: 6'
Eyepiece (176-116) Magnification: 15X
Field number: 13
Objective (176-138) Magnification: 2X
Working distance: 2.638" (67mm)
Numerical aperture: 0.07
Total magnification 30X
Transmitted illumination 3W LED
GIF (green) filter
Stepless intensity adjustment
Reflected illumination 3W LED
Stepless intensity adjustment
Adjustable position
Power supply 120 V AC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 100VA
Mass TM-1005B: Approx. 33 lbs. (15kg)


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