Microscope Condensers

An integral component of a microscope, condensers are used to view the specimen under the scope by illuminating the sample. The location of the condenser lens in a microscope changes based on if it’s an upright scope or an inverted microscope. The microscope condenser is found above the source of lighting and below the specimen in an upright microscope, while the condenser is above the stage and under the light in an inverted microscope.

Easily adjust the microscope condenser by turning the knob on the side of the scope to focus the sample in the viewing area. This adjusts the intensity of the lighting by changing the cone of light that shines on the microscope slide, making it easier to view the specimen.

The condenser in microscopes illuminates the specimen samples by shining light through them into the objective lens, allowing the user to view the magnified sample. The darkfield condenser focuses the diffused light to illuminate the sample for proper observation. Microscope condensers can be raised or lowered to focus the light.

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