Meiji TC-5600CL Trinocular LED/Halogen Inverted Epi-Fluorescence Biological Microscope

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*** Pictured mechanical stage not included. ***

The TC-5600CL is our latest Trinocular Inverted Epi-Fluorescence Biological LED Compound Microscope line is the cost-effective TC-5000 Series. The TC Series makes routine examining of tissue cultures, microbes and other live specimens in petri dishes and culture bottles fast and easy while delivering an excellent performance-to-cost ratio. The TC-5000 Series is available in brightfield, phase contrast and epi-fluorescence models. The TC5000 Series Microscopes have an integrated front mounted camera port with adapters available for 35mm, CCD/CMOS and other cameras.

The TC-5600CL is equipped with PE-300L/LEDTC is a simple white light LED microscope illuminator. It provides a broad spectrum of illumination, covering the excitation bands of common fluorophores such as DAPI, CFP, Aqua, FITC, TRITC, TxRed, Cy5 and many more. Operation is by a remote manual control pod with instant on/off and intensity control from 0-100%. The newly enhanced PE-300L/LEDTC runs under 60 Watts at its full power. That is almost a quadruple efficiency increase, and compares to other LED technology which uses 120 to 350 Watts. This leap forward in technology makes LEDs more attractive when compared to old Mercury or Metal Halide technology, with no mercury to dispose of and lower energy costs due to low power consumption and the precise control offered. This illuminator is included in TC-5500CL and TC-5600CL systems. (Included in TC-5500CL & TC-5600CL models)

Equipped with Chroma Filters:

  • Basic Blue - Chroma filter (19002L) - AT-GFP / FITC Longpass Exciter (EX): AT480/30x, Dichroic (BS)AT505DC, Emitter (EM): AT515lp
  • Basic Green - Chroma filter (19004) - AT-TRITC/Cy3 Longpass Exciter (EX): AT540/25x, Dichroic (BS)AT565DC, Emitter (EM): 515lp


  • Seidentopf type trinocular head inclined at 30°
  • Equipped with LED Transmitted Illuminator
  • N.A. 0.30 condenser
  • 180mm (X) x 245mm (Y) stage with replaceable glass insert with 45mm opening
  • LWD Planachromat F10X and F20X objectives
  • Integrated Automatic Voltage Sensing Power Supply with localized power cord
  • Compact wedge shaped cast aluminum alloy frame for exceptional stability and a small footprint
  • Chemical resistant baked enamel finish
  • Transparent stage plate for easy objective identification
  • Low profile coaxial and fine focus controls with tension adjustment
  • Integrated Automatic Voltage Sensing Power Supply with localized power cord
  • Quintuple turret DIN nosepiece
  • Six Position Fluorescence Module with three Chroma Fluorochromes included
  • Newly Designed Semi Apo Plan Fluorescence Objectives
  • Brightfield, Darkfield, Phase Contrast, Polarized Light and Epi-Fluorescence modes
  • LED Transmitted Koehler + CoolLed Epi Module
  • Mercury-free
  • Energy Efficient: 80% less power
  • Long lifetime (25,000 operating hours)
  • No Bulb replacements
  • Works with everyday fluorophores/stains
  • Broad spectrum - covers UV (DAPI) to Red region (Cy5)
  • Specify for existing single and multi-band filter sets - no need to buy new filters
  • Instant on/off - No shutters required, no warm up or cool down
  • Stable & repeatable - reliable and consistent results
  • Precise intensity control in 1% steps (0-100%) - no ND filters required
  • Excellent uniformity over field of view - fixed and stable, no alignment necessary

Product Specifications

Viewing Head Siedentopf type trinocular head, inclined at 30°, Interpupillary adjustment 53mm to 75mm, graduated diopter on left eyetube (30mm I.D. eyetubes)
Eyepieces SWH10x Widefield high eyepoint eyepiece, Field No. 22, tube O.D. 30.0 mm
Nosepiece Quintuple
Objectives LWD Planachromat F10x, F20x
Condenser TC Condenser N.A. 0.30, W.D. 73.0mm
Stage 180mm(X) x 245mm(Y) plain stage with replaceable glass insert with 45mm opening, Glass Stage plate insert
Illumination Koehler without iris, with phase slider, 6V 30W halogen
LED fluorescence illumination kit, configured for fluorophores such as DAPI, FITC , TRITC & Cy5, instant on/off with the ability to optimize intensity & minimize sample damage via the simple desktop Control Pod with a manual control pod and power supply


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