Meiji MT6130 Trinocular Asbestos PLM Microscope - NIOSH 9002

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Meiji Techno offers the MT6130 Trinocular PLM (Polarized Light) Microscopes for Asbestos fiber counting applications. These microscopes are manufactured persuant to NIOSH 9002 Reference methods. There are three models to choose from, monocular, binocular or trinocular bodies. Each model comes with SM Plan DIN brightfield POL objectives, rotatable stage with 360 degree graduations, achromatic condenser and built-in Koehler illuminator as standard equipment. All specifications of the models are identical except for the body type. Meiji microscopes are quality precision instruments engineered to provide the finest quality in the industry today.


  • DIN standard eyepiece HWF10X and DIN focusing HWF10XF eyepiece with cross-line reticle
  • Centerable quadruple nosepiece with Semi Plan Strain free objectives, 10X, 20X, 40X
  • 10X Dispersion staining objective
  • Rotatable stage with graduation 360°, with vernier graduations to 0.1° degree
  • Rotatable polarizer in swing-out mount, analyzer and Bertrand lens in sliding mount
  • Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment with graduation
  • Built-in Koehler illuminator with halogen lamp 6V 30W light intensity control
  • Includes First order red plate and Analyzer in sliding mount
  • Blue clear daylight filter, 29.8 unmounted
  • Coarse and fine focus knobs
  • Tension adjustment control for zoom knob rotation adjustment
  • Stage lock lever to prevent slide breakage
  • Auto-Voltage sensing power supply

Methodology for PLM Analysis: NIOSH 9002
This method is useful for the qualitative identification of asbestos and the semi-quantitative determination of asbestos in bulk samples. This method measures the percentage of asbestos as perceived by the analyst in comparison to standard projections, photographs and experience. The quality of the results are dependent upon the skill and judgment of the operator.

Required Microscope Equipment

  • Polarized Light Microscope 100x thru 400x with 10x Dispersion Staining Objective (see below)
  • Stereo microscope 10x thru 45x.

Dispersion Staining Objectives
Dispersion staining is a process by which color is imparted to colorless objects with the refractive index measured and used to identify the object being tested. The Meiji Dispersion Staining Objective is a 10X pre-centered central stop objective for 160mm tube length microscopes with RMS mounting threads. The technique differentiates between the refractive indices of the particulate solid and the liquid medium in which the solids are immersed. This method is most commonly used in asbestos fiber testing. The central stop positioned inside the Dispersion Staining Objective achieves certain colors at the perimeter of the fibers depending on the refractive indices between the fiber and the suspension medium.

Product Specifications

Viewing Bodies Trinocular head, 30° inclination. One eye tube slotted for orientation of cross-line focusing eyepiece. Focusing eyepiece dual graduated diopter eyetubes with interpupillary adjustments of 53mm to 75mm.
Eyepiece KHW10X Focusing eyepiece with cross-line and guide pin, tube O.D. 23.2mm (21mm reticle mount) KHW10X compensating eyepiece, Field No. 20, tube O.D. 23.2mm
Nosepiece Reverse Facing Quadruple Nosepiece with one fixed and three centerable objective apertures
Objectives Plan strain free 10x, 20x, 40x & 10x dispersion staining
Stage Rotatable stage with Vernier graduation 360° with Vernier, reading to 1°, 150mm diameter with stainless steel stage clips
Condenser Strain free Abbe condenser, N.A. 1.25, includes sliding mount with annulus for 10X, 20X, 40X phase or dispersion staining objectives, iris diaphragm, dovetail mount
Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine focusing controls with graduation reading 2 microns power division. Incorporates tension adjustment and safety Auto-focus stage stop lever
Illumination 6V 30W Halogen Koehler illumination with Integrated Automatic Voltage Sensing Power Supply
Polarizer Swing in-out click/clamp mount, fully rotatable 360° with click stop at 0°and 90°
Includes Focusing Centering Telescope, 23.2mm O.D. First Order Red compensating plate, 530nm Analyzer (Sliding type) Bertrand lens (Sliding type)
Certification CE and ISO 9001

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