Meiji MC-70 Trinocular Brightfield/Darkfield Toolmakers/Measuring Microscope

Meiji Techno
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  • Trinocular head with depolarizer
  • Widefield 10x eyepieces, one with cross-line reticle
  • Plan Epi BD 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x objectives
  • Vertical Koehler illuminator with sliding rotatable polarizer
  • Heavy duty stand with X-Y stage (Reflected or Transmitted)
  • NOTE: Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicators are not included

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Meiji Techno's MC-70 Series Brightfield/Darkfield Precision Measuring Systems are capable of brightfield, darkfield, and simple polarization observation modes. They are composed of high quality metallurgical microscope components, precision X-Y stages and durable heavy duty stands. Meiji Techno measuring microscopes are available with 2-axis and 3-axis electronic digital readouts in inches and metric.

These systems can be configured for use with 35mm photomicrography, analog CCD video, digital CCD video, digital CMOS video and consumer-grade digital still camera systems. Operators can perform visual inspection and measurement of small items or components without complicated system setup. MC Series Systems are available in 110 or 220 volt, incident or transmitted, binocular or trinocular configurations.

Lifetime warranty.

CE Certified and ISO 9001

NOTE: The Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicators - MTI164-164 (X & Y axis, qty: 2) and the MTI543-392 (Z axis) (shown in the photo) are not included in the system. Each product must be purchased separately.


MA816 Inverted image trinocular head
MA859CF Focusing eyepiece SWH 10X with cross-line reticule and guide pin.
MA817 High eyepoint eyepiece SWH 10X, FN: 22, accepts optional 25mm diameter reticle
MA923 Plan Epi BD 5X, N.A. 0.10, W.D. 17.0mm
MA924 Plan Epi BD 10X, N.A. 0.25, W.D. 7.48mm
MA925 Plan Epi BD 20X, N.A. 0.40, W.D. 5.20mm
MA926 Plan Epi BD 50X, N.A. 0.75, W.D. 0.38mm
MA993 Vertical Koehler illuminator, with sliding rotatable polarizer, infinity tube lens, focal length 200mm, with clear blue, clear green, ND25 neutral density, and polarizing filter in metal metal mounts. Port to accept FL150/12 flexible 36" single bundle light guide
FT190/12 Flexible 36" single arm light guide for MA933 illuminator
FT190/115 Light Source: 110/120V, 50-60Hz, Halogen lamp, 21V 150W
FU-3050 Coaxial coarse and fine focus block with BF/DF quadruple nosepiece, mounts to 32mm pillar
MAC-11 Heavy Duty stand with pillar and mounting bracket. Diameter of pillar: 38mm, Height: 432mm, Base: 300 x 300 x 25mm
MA728 Reflected light measuring stage: 150mm x 150mm with 50mm x 50mm X-Y movement with mounting brackets for digital micrometer heads (MC-70)
MA729 Transmitted light measuring stage: 150mm x 150mm with 50mm x 50mm X-Y movement with glass stage plate (MC-70T)

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