Failure Analysis Microscopes

Forensic, structural, and mechanical engineers know that using failure analysis microscopes is crucial for determining any machine or product's specific cause of failure. These failure analysis microscopes are necessary for industrial and manufacturing settings. Thorough failure analysis prevents lawsuits, builds reliable products, and potentially saves lives.

Most of our failure analysis microscopes fall into three different categories: zoom stereo microscopes, boom stand microscopes, and metallurgical microscopes. Zoom stereo microscopes are useful because they have separate objective lenses and eyepieces, which gives the user a different optical path for each eye. Together, these separate angles produce a three-dimensional image. Meanwhile, boom stand microscopes are handy for larger study samples since they can be moved to a variety of positions, and metallurgical microscopes have a high-power light source so that even the smallest of details can be seen.

Metallurgical failure analysis microscopes are particularly good for those who are employed in aerospace, founding, engineering, or automobile industries, since they work so well on metals, ceramics, glass, rocks, plastics, etc. We recommend using a boom stand microscope if you need to inspect a large circuit board, manufacturing part, rock, or textile. The largest category of microscopes for failure analysis, though, is probably our collection of zoom stereo microscopes, which are perfect for joining two metals together with solder, dissecting three-dimensional samples, and even repairing jewelry.

Some of the main features and benefits that set our failure analysis microscopes apart from the rest include:

  • Sturdy stands that are designed to withstand heavy use
  • Incredible image clarity
  • Versatility
  • Affordably priced

Our scanning electron microscopes (SEM) have an extremely high resolution and are great for failure analysis and quality control of materials. The SEM microscopes provide both magnification and depth of field required to accurately analyze failures in the samples being viewed. Another benefit of the SEM failure analysis microscope is that the output of images is extremely detailed compared to what optical microscopes can provide. Failure analysis microscopes allow users to determine the root cause of failure in products that have changed in size or shape or have inclusions of other materials in the sample being observed.

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